Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Mobile

Dedicated to all Mgs-ians

I'd sat down and do some hard thinking before even attempting to write this post. The post ahead might hurt some parties but basically I'm just trying to reveal the bad side of some MGS students.

Last Monday, one of the MGS-ians committed a major felony. To me that crime was more than major but some people might take it as minor. Anyway I was given the courtesy to witness the crime as this actually involves some of my close buddies.

We were walking side by side , chortling and laughing our heads off as we made our way to the basketball court. Our English teacher had some outdoor activities to be carry out with us. Fast forward after 35 minutes, we went back to class feeling extremely exhausted. We were again reminded by our class monitor to head to the Biology lab. After Biology, I headed straight to the canteen. Anything that happened next was told by my friend.

I-vie made her way back to our class. Kassthury, an Indian girl from my class exclaimed "Hey I lost Rm13. You all better check". At this point of time,I guess the word Nanny is actually quite compatible with her. Rhenu asked I-vie to check whether her mobile was still with her. At first I-vie took it for granted but after much nagging from Nanny she gave in....and when she unzipped her bag..........TADA..her hand phone is no more there. Adrenaline started flowing through her and she immediately (like me) recalled whether she brought her phone to school or she misplaced it in her mother's car. After knowing that she didn't misplaced it, she knew for sure that her mobile was stolen.

I was not aware of it until I enter the class and heard it from another friend. At first, I did not know what to do but I had this strong feeling that I-vie needed more support and I immediately ran out of class and found them in the staffroom. And then I heard Pn Asiah(school discipline teacher) saying" Macam mana aku tahu. Kamu semua hilang handset then cari saya.Mana saya tahu". She mumbled something about asking us not to go and headed off to the other direction. By then, I-vie was like " how can i forget bout my phone". A fat drop of tears rolled down her cheeks. And after a few minutes Pn Asiah from the other blok signaled us down. Once in the ground she asked I-vie " Yang mana kamu punya handphone". I-vie pointed to the Sony Ericsson hand phone which is definitely hers. Pn Asiah left four of us together with that stealer and went off finding for another teacher.

I-vie was glaring angrily at her. I was just staring at everyone. And then out of the sudden Rhenu marched to that girl angrily and she definitely reflected her Kong King attitude " SO YOU'RE THE SCHOOL STEALER LER". Harsh right her words. But she deserved it.

Then we were told to go back to our class. And then from what I heard from I-vie this smart stealer had actually calculated her steps properly. She deleted I-vie's messages,drafts,contacts,pictures and replaced her pictures into I-vie's phone and claimed its her. Tell me how bad she is

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random Post

Warning : Long post ahead

This friend of mine has been a great friend ever since the year 2008 begin. Our friendship began developing and she became one of my closest buddies and confidantes. This petite lass is great in so many aspects from the way she speaks,the way she addresses and the way she smiles. Although at times, this soon to be lady might be iritating and annonying she definitely fix her puzzles back. Her pencil thin body makes people around her think that she goes on some dieting course.But Man when you know her-she eats like a cow!!!! She can eat in three different restaurant yet not ranting that she is filled. Today this outgrown georgeous beautiful lass from Klang is celebrating her 16th birthday. Here are some pictures of our outing.

1st Stop:

We headed straight to Dragon-I because all of us were drop dead hungry. We were acting like people who suffers from starvation and I-vie was like holding her stomach. Too bad.No time to even take pictures.

2nd Stop:

Manhattan Fish Market.According to Nanny,this is one of the smelliest place on Earth. After browsing through the menu, we went straight in.

Crispy whitebait

The whitebait was folded with coleslaw

Manhattan Fish & Chips

That's me ready to pick up my cutleries and begin my feast

Rhenu is always laughing like a Kong King regardless of where she goes

3rd Stop:Hiagen Daaz

will update more soon..............

Friday, July 25, 2008

Hey I found my tie

Just kidding

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pls Come Back

Alright it'll be totally ridiculous for my tie to come back to me. I'd rummaged around my whole house,my room and my dad's car. Nevertheless there is still no signs of my tie. I prayed earnestly hoping that God will miraculously make it appear back. Today marks the second day I'd lost my tie. It is so essential to retrieve back my tie. That tie means so much to me. I don't mind wearing someone else's tie and get over with this thing. But my instinct strongly tells me that my tie is somewhere near me.But where is it. I'd been going around the school telling all my friends about this tie incident. I'd put so much effort in the process about retrieving back my tie. I'd been daydreaming more than ever since I lost my tie. I'm not being myself anymore since I lost my tie. I think I'm going to start printing leaflets and brochures seeking the public to help me find my forlorn tie.'s ludicrous. I lost my tie after school. I did not lose it in school.

Tomorrow my group will be doing the EST project. I hope everything will be fine tomorrow. I lost my lucky T.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I was shocked,stunned,amazed,surprised and devastated to lose one of my most essential element in school. I lost my tie. How can I ? I was trying superbly hard to recall what happen. Unfortunately all this hard thinking and praying are not working this time. The fact of me losing my tie and making a big haste all over it in school definitely reflects the slothful side of me.

I'm going to agreed with my mom the fact that I'm a lazy,sluggish and slothful person. Nevertheless, I'm always very careful with my things and tends to be extra gentle with things that are vital. I'm a responsible and accountable prefect which never leaves any important stuffs like name tag, blazer and my tie. And today marks my very first day of not having a tie on. I'd done a thorough search in my house,my room and even in the car nevertheless there is still no traces of my tie.

By the way why is youtube so freaking damn slow

Monday, July 21, 2008


My mind is drifting off.I tried to put a 100% concentration on what my Math's teacher was saying however I can hardly decipher even half of what she said. I stared dreamily at the apple green curtains in my class. Fractions of event happening last Saturday was still vivid in my mind. I see myself running up and down,serving kuih,and carrying a heavy Tupperware. Rhenu who sat beside me was getting her Add Maths homework done. I dissolved into my iritating habit by using a pen and poking Rhenu's hand.

And then something struck me.The word KING KONG flashed in like a bulb.It was then I decided to play with that word. Alright before this I'd never knew that KING KONG was a male. I thought it can be a male or a female. How nil my knowledge is????
Pei Zhen: Rhenu you know what is KING KONG'S mother's name?
Pei Zhen: Ma Kong
Pei Zhen: Pa Kong
Pei Zhen: Baby
Pei Zhen: Da da Kong
Rhenu: Why must it be Da da Kong?
Pei Zhen: the word sort of like appears in my mind
Pei Zhen: King Kong's wife will be Kong King

By then, Rhenu was already laughing like a Kong King. Alright quite lame right my joke.

Jocularity aside, all the Form Fours' and Form Threes' will be sitting for a diagnostic test for maths and science.The objectives of this test is generally about testing one's profiency in answering questions in English language. From what I thought, some of the teachers should be sitting for this test first.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

2009 Prefects' Gathering

Friday, July 18, 2008

Are u ready???

We (all the prefects) were all set for the big event happening tomorrow in HCIT. Everyone helps to festoon the enormous auditoriam. I was very elated to meet up with some executives from HCIT.They were very polite and helpful. Twenty schools are expected to be there tomorrow for our gathering. I'm feeling very weary right now but I knew deep down I'm actually beaming in delight waiting for the moment to come and go.

Enough with the prefect thingy, lets move on to some academic assesment. My tests are over. Honestly speaking, I screwed up almost 99.9% of my papers. I'm really worried with my grades in this assesment.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Home is Where the Money is!!!!

Look at these bathtubs!!!

Look at all this lavish interiors.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Whoosh!!!It actually took me several minutes to connect to this blogger. I'm going to be doom damn darn. My exams are like a week or so from now. Frankly speaking, I have not even touch my books. I guess I'm going to do a lot of nibbling nowadays.

Moving on to a much rapturous side.

My baby brother (n0 more a baby already)is turning 14 today. Seeing as he is in school right now, I grab this golden opportunity to blog a little about him before he put a STOP to all this nonsense.

He is definitely a dream come true brother. He is my one and only sibling. Depressing right!!! He is handsome, cute and at the same time he's charming. He has this profound ability of making people engulfing him feeling superb and splendid. Believe it or not he actually has 10 pet sis. Unfortunately he is not a book worm and not an avid reader like my dad however he inherits my dad's brain and manages to score in flying colours even though he prefers studying last minute. Though at times he is provoking but he has got this smile that melts every girls heart.The list will goes on. But the truth is that he is a wonderful son,a great student and an amazing brother.

By the way 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA' !!!!!!!!