Thursday, February 14, 2008

A continuition from the last entry.

After Starbucks , Shankry and I decided to head to McDonald for a burger.Shankry ate a chicken burger whereas I was just fiddling around with my camera and phone.Both me and Shankry were too tired to walk around so we sat at the bench.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Exhausting outing!!!!!!!

I was thinking about bloging yesterday.Nevertheless I felt guilty playing the com the whole day and decided to leafed through my sejarah book plus giving my com a short break. I read an article from New Straits Times yesterday written by Gavin Yap which actually impressed me.Generally it was about his impression about CNY. On CNY'S eve my whole family sat down together for a sumptous meal in a restaurant located in PJ. As a traditional ritual we went visiting our friends and relatives on the first day. As a matter of fact, my friends and I agreed to go 'lepak' today. Lynn,Lilian, and few of her church friends went off to a movie. That means Shanz and I were left with no one.We had all come to an agreement to 'lepak' in the new jusco. We ate in the food court and I gave the food a 5/10 rating.Completely tasteless.Although I said that it was mouth-watering.Then we head of meandering around the mall.We entered a souvenir shop and found out that everything there is only RM5.You have to agree with me its dirt cheap.Anyway after loitering in the shop and turning around about 6 rounds(never really counted it) I actually bought a big photo frame. Then we headed downstairs to Starbucks and by that time my legs were already aching. I fell for the aroma of the coffee.I felt a lurch of desire and persuaded Shankry to share with me. We eventually make up our mind and go for an ice-blended mocha and boy its RM 12.08. Until now, the figure is still vivid in my mind.
the vain queen, Shankry

sipping my mocha

Friday, February 08, 2008

I laid in bed whole night reminiscing about the joyful moment when my PMR results were out.Apparently I intended to blog this entry the moment I got my results.Nevertheless the incessant feeling of success and a gesture of pride overwhelmed me , and by the end of the day I eventually decided to bottle up my intention.The night before my results were out, I was actually provoking my brother asking him about the possibilities of getting straight A's. I prayed hard before I went to bed. The next morning I woke up feeling anxiety. My heart rate was pounding incredibly fast. I had a quick breakfast and started ringing up Divya and Shankry to annoy them. At 9.20a.m sharp , I was already heading to the school. By the time I reached school , the school compound was already engulfed with a crowd of students.I make my way through the crowd and headed straight to the canteen. When i made my way through the crowd, I heard a few stuents chattering happily away. I finally reached the canteen and mustered up all my courage and without even stopping I headed directly to my class booth. I greeted my teacher and she immediately asked me to gather up all my certificates. When I eventually finished gathering, I exclaimed " I'm ready". My class teacher on the other hand already had the results ready in her hands. She took a last glance at the results and hand it over to me. Hence she congratulated me.I leaped with joy.All my hard work paid off(though i still managed a nap every afternoon). I called my mum and she shared my joy.I joined several other friends who passed with straight A's. Here in my blog today i would like to congratulate all my friends who managed to get straight A's.
Congratulation to
Khoo Iri