Friday, February 27, 2009


No insomnia , no sleep apnea.Yeah, my sleep was not very good for the first two days but after that WOW________

Though I had managed to get enough sleep,I also managed to screw up almost all the papers.And I'm not trying to feign modest right here.Remember I hate people who feign!!!!

Tomorrow co-curricular activities will go on as usual and Rhenu and I have something really important to tell our cheerleaders.SO DUMB!!!

I am still contemplating on whether or not to go for a swim before going to school tomorrow.I am still in the process of weighing the pros and cons.
Pros:It will be so cool going to school after a swim,I haven't swim in ages
Con:I have to get up extra early


Monday, February 23, 2009

Bad skin

Don't be astonish if I say I've got a skin as old as a 83 year old grandma and a skin as scaly as a crocodile.It might sound farcical but a fact still remains a fact and its up to whether you want to believe it or not.Behold:

Eczema had been an obstruction to myriad things in my life.I had been living with eczema for years and I knew how it had strongly affect my life emotionally and physically.Seriously how would you feel possessing rough and blistered fingers???There is no cure for eczema which means that you'll need to bear with it for the rest of your life.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Her exam's on Tuesday!
All the best Missy.


For once

Here it goes.My monthly test is just around the corner ,so I assume you know what it means.

No more,no more.I give my assurance.My mind is going to do the magic.Be positive.Yeah be positive.
On another note, Grey's anatomy season 5 is getting better.Who says Grey's anatomy is mundane??

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Guess what.Yesterday I was feeling very elated after hanging up with Sherrie.Today I'm feeling the opposite -upset.I don't believe people undergoing transformation in their life.I had knew Sherrie for all my life.Who knows her better if its not me???She might say the exact thing to me and I thoroughly agree with her.She definitely knows me better than any of my friends.

But you know how some people try to convince other people that they change a lot in life.And I don't give a heck on those people.Be yourself.Why must you change??Definitely changing for the better is very essential.But how long can you bear to pretend and feign yourself in front of people.How long-a year, two or a decade???How long??????

I was blessed with opportunities to see how people transform and revamp themselves in their life.Transformation factors might range from seducing guys to starting over a new leaf or just merely for fun.I don't get the point.The type of people that I'll try my best to avoid is people who fakes and people who make up stories.

Why bother feigning???Are you happy with the feigning life you're leading??Are you a person who responds to jokes you don't find humorous????Just by pretending what do you get in the long run??

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ignore it

I'm currently not in a mood of deleting posts and previous entries.When I can find any time to past then I shall amend my password and start blogging again.Ignore the previous post.
Hello Pei Zhen!
I've decided to hack your account!
Hahaha. Justkidding!
Can I blog in your blog too?

**You know who am I. So keep your mouth Shut.
**Text me if you want to confirm who am I
**This secret is between you and me.

Au Revoir, peepps.



Monday, February 09, 2009

Light and Easy

I had spend almost a decade of my life in Sri Lethia.I left the school with memories to cherish and ponder once in a while.It still brought tears to my eyes every time I thought about it.It was rather difficult saying goodbye and at the same time withdrawing your loyalty and spirit for the school to another school you'd never envision you'll fit in.Five years come and go in a blink of eyes and I vow I'd never regret for my decision five years back.

I had embark on a journey towards a new chapter of my life.A chapter that I'd no intention of neither closing nor concluding it without any exciting things happening.I'm starting to learn how to take some things more lightly or in a more easy manner.I had try not to do excessive exaggeration or posses frequent panic attacks.I'd learn not to be so cynical and be more modest in life.All these years,I'd also learn that possessions are not all that matters.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

How do I ???

All of a sudden I'm just out of words.I start pressing my fingers down gently on the keyboard then tapping the Backspace button gently again.What's wrong with me??Perhaps words tied.Is there such word by the way???