Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Trying to upload some photos

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

This is the worst Christmas i'd ever celebrate.I woke up with some sighness as usual buut the night before i can't barely shut my eyes and sleep.I'm having breathing difficulty. Just bored as usual so thought of updating this blog. Stay at home and watch television the whole day.Went out for lunch in a coffee shop and later headed to Parkson to bid good-bye to my thai fare and tom yam. As for yesterday we went to Jaya Jusco for some shopping before school starts next week. Its my brother stuff like school uniform,shoes and bags. We had our lunch in Johnny and the tom yam there was irresistable. That night our whole family is invited for a Christmas Eve dinner in Tai Tong. Just can't wait for school to reopen.Really excited and a bit nervous too as we're attending school in the morning.Its been 2 years ago i last did that.Wonder whether i'll drag my pillow with me together to school.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The pictures

The moist chocolate cake after being baked from the oven

The utensils and ingredients all set in Lynnette's brilliant island

Me mixing all the ingredients and pouring it into the mould


Its been for ages since i last update my blog. Anyway not going anywhere during the holidays. Learning how to be a couch-potato. Just bake a chocolate cake a few weeks ago and cheese cake a few days ago.Mum says the chocolate cake tasted like flour.Maybe its because i used excessive flour to bake it.Anyway the cheese cake turns out nice just that its too sweet.I'll try to grab the picture from Ms Lilian Tang and see whether i can get it.In a few weeks time many of us will be back in school.Form 3 is going to be the worst and hectic year.