Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let it be

I'm not a person who was born and brought up to say 'what is over is over' or 'don't cry over spilt milk'. School commences tomorrow after almost one week of holidays.Which means that we'll be getting all our papers back(I guess so).Look as far as I'm concerned,I screwed up all my papers.I stressed all.I've always been very enthusiastic about getting my papers back but for this assessment I show apathy in getting my grades back.Again all the anxiety is coming back again.I'm nervous,I'm anxious,I'm me.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Obesession to tennis

This is what Rhenu said before the PJK paper
Rhenu: My mother asks us to plan a trip to_________
Yenn and me were like wondering maybe somewhere far or beneficial like Sunway Pyramid or a museum.Look Rhenu used the word 'plan a trip' instead of like 'go' or etc...'Plan a trip' sounded so much more serious.She eventually finished her sentence with 'Aeon'.
Both me and Yenn burst into a huge laughter.And obviously Rhenu will never missed out any laughing opportunity.

So we did plan a trip to Aeon. But after three consecutive weeks of no sweating,Rhenu suggested that we go for a game of tennis.Sometimes Rhenu does give brilliant ideas.So 1st stop-tennis court in Klang Club.Behold:

Three weeks of no sweating means extra fats jucking out

My mum picked us up and chaeuffered us to Aeon.We mingled around for like 2 hours to help Rhenu find an appropriate attire for her cousins.Then we had like about 2 hours left and we decided to watch a movie.

So we went to the theatre and asked.

Rhenu,me and yenn: Any movie that starts at 4p.m sharp


Rhenu,me and yenn:OK.

So we watched 'Kami'.There were only like 14 people including us in the cinema.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thats it

The finals are finally over.The last paper PJK was definitely a great closing for the finals. Anyway I'm back to normal.No more depression.No more insomnia.No more crying.I'm back!!!

Saturday, October 04, 2008


I am certain that I have goosebumps all over my body right now. Look after one week of intense memorizing and reading I, Tan Pei Zhen officially declared tomorrow(Sunday) as an off day. Off means no more studying, no more memorizing, and no more perusing books. For once I'm going to pile up all the strewn books on my table back into their appropriate place.I'm going to make a visit to Starbucks and enjoy my usual serving of Mocha. I am going to loll around the couch the whole day,watching my favourite episode of Grey's Anatomy. I'm going to snooze off the whole day.For once also,I'm not going to try to wake up to the buzz of my alarm.

Is it that impossible for me to do that???

The truth remains unwritten.