Wednesday, October 18, 2006


My exams were just over and my life now is full of boredom.I have nothing to do than vegetating in front of te computer and television.I got so restless.But anyway my birthday is over.Anyway i've the most enjoyable yet memorable day today in school. Everything was funny for me. Unfortunately one of my best frenz Shankry dun get to attend school today because of the last minute shopping for Deepavali.Our school will be close for the whole of next week.The only plans i have is

Saturday:Yoke Pei's Birthday
Sunday: Divya's open house
Monday: I've to go and redeem my pizza for NIE
Tuesaday:I guess we're going over to Shankry's

I dun know whether this means that i'm occupied or not.Anyway i hope me and my frenz will pass the exams with flying color and may god bless us.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My birthday cake

me and my lovely presents

In the train-feeling tired

Three loud-speaker in MGS

We've been seated by the friendly waiter and waitress in Tgi Friday's

Both of my best frenz

me and my best frenz on Earth

Ok!!I really don't know where to begin.Anyway this is my birthday party