Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clumsy me.So what!!!

I fell down yesterday.Flat.Here is how it happens.There was a huge rock in front of me so I skipped in a attempt to avoid it.But my legs were too short so I tripped and fell down on my knees.The wound wasn't really bad but my father got so hypochondriac all over it.I think I fractured my toe,but still managed to pull through tennis for two days.I'm not 'lembik'.I'm clumsy.So what.My feets are uneven.So what.

Back to the warning letter story,the more I bring myself to think about it,the more I think about resigning soon.Of course, for some people who don't go for meetings often and was bestowed a warning letter,it was no shocking news.But hey, I have friends coming around asking me what happen in meeting almost every week and she didn't get a warning letter.She barely knows what happen in meetings.

Just because she hands in a letter every time she skips meetings,making her better than me.I should have known this trick.Stupid me!!I should have actually construct a pile of letters with pathetic reasons and hand it in every time I skip meeting.Hey, girl isn't that easy.How long it takes to write a letter??Besides,my father writes up to 40 letters a day.Corporate letters I mean.Letters like this wouldn't take him long.

It all comes back to the point of how inefficient the board is or like my mum said "What a waste of time??Come back and play tennis better, lah".Anyway what is over is over.I told my dad yesterday night and he actually asked why I didn't bring back the letter.He could have write a lengthy note for the Head Prefect straight away.Tomorrow I'm going to get the letter and see what I could do with it.

I'm calling Sherrie now.After all,she's the only one willing to listen to me.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Biggest Mistake

A year later,I'll look back and cherish today.Because today God had blessed me with life's greatest lesson.A lesson that I'll cherish and ponder.I cried.I cried endlessly today witnessed by spectators.My life I cry for only two solid reasons:-one if I'm really upset and two I'm really angry.I was flabbergasted today.

Believe it or not , I got a warning letter from the prefectorial board.For what cause.For not attending meetings.The best part was I didn't get an asthma attack at that time.I think it would be cool having a few people carrying me to the 'bilik sakit'.For heaven sake,if its me getting a warning letter for not attending meeting than almost 3/4 of the board would be in a state of jeopardy.My mum almost got a heart attack when I conveyed the news to her.People whom I don't see them in meetings escaped without any warning letter.

I questioned the secretary in a stern voice.And guess what.She asked me to bring back the letter and come back with my parent's signature the next day.I threw the letter right at her face and yelled saying that getting my parent's signature is equivalent to me accepting the fault.Which means no way.I created a hell of chaos in the whole area.So brilliant Miss Head Prefect got the news and started the usual routine.She went around asking people whether they've seen me in meetings.The secretary started coaxing me saying that maybe it's just a mistake.Back off.If it's a mistake rectify it and then give me the letter.

I started crying and now the idea of crying sounds ridiculous to me.When I start crying,I can't stop.Angelita and Rayel was two kind beings who actually try to cool me down.I stormed into the class and sat next to Joanna.After that,I felt so much better.

The fact that everyone tries to point out to me is that I'm going to leave the board in a week or two.Why bother to create a mess?I have principles in my life and try compromising it,I'll not leave you in peace.Even if it means resigning a day before the official date,I will.Because integrity is so much more important than a piece of decrepit certificate coming from a abysmal board led by an unqualified leader.I was brought up with principles.I don't go around agreeing with others.

Seriously speaking,if not for Ling Wei I wouldn't be bother to carry out my responsibilities.I'm not losing even an inch.Unless I get an explanation,my decision are yet to differ.

Tham was freaking funny today.She thought that I cried because of my marks.C'mon Tham.

I played good tennis today.I managed to scribble the letters 'PB' on the balls and my blows were hard enough to make Mr Choo gasps.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Crocs Rocks!!

A new addition to my Crocs collections.Behold:

By the way,my bags arrived today.Words can't describe how I'm feeling right now.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Words that best describe the past few days-HELLISH yet AWESOME.Hellish for the fact that I'd successfully screwed up all my papers again and Awesome for the mere fact that I'd slept through almost all the nights.I guess this means that I'm officially insomnia-free.I hope so.

Of late,I'd been having very bizarre dreams.Questioning dreams that aren't scary,which ends up making me chewing my last bit of nails attempting to interpret it.Also,I'd been very demanding lately.You know everyone who know me pretty well got to agree that I'm not a very obsess person.I deal with things pretty well.For instant, I really want another pair of flip-flops from Crocs however I got over it after some time.Still I want it though.Anyway I got really provoked and annoyed last weekend and I decided that burning some cash would be the best medicine to ease my mood.I indulge on a mini shopping spree and ended up getting a T-shirt from MANGO.

My cousin sister was kind enough to fly me some branded bags all the way from London.Behold:
I can't wait.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What the Heck!!!

Guess what.Maths and Science back to Bahasa kononya mother tongue.Anyhow I was not really astonished but would like to grab this opportunity to extend my outmost sympathy to the future generation.Malaysia will have their next generation going to space speaking "Apa khabar??Lu cakap apa.Yakah ,apa itu sphere." How pathetic.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

150th Post & Turning 15

Hello readers',I'm officially back(i hope so).Yeah, it's been almost a solid month since I last blogged.For your record this is my 150th post and someone special is turning 15.Yeah, how things are make to coincide sometimes.

Before indulging fellow readers' to one of my lengthy,dramatic and exaggerating speech,let me update you with the little bits of my life.Exams are due next week.Which means by now,I'll be having short crook finger-bitten nails and sleep deprive. Schools as usual are always dreary.My chat box had expired a long time ago and I didn't bother to renew it.I thought of doing it later.And the AWESOME FOURSOME haven't had fun for an immense period of time.Probably it won't happen anymore.I hope not.

And now the dramatic talk begins,

You know how sometimes when you're in such a foul mood and a person comes experimenting all his wrestling skills in front of you.You know how sometimes you need to act humble when a person so much younger than you is so good at something you do.And worst of all,you know how sometimes a person gets so over-protective to even let you touch his cell phone.

But beneath all the wicked and provoking acts he commits himself to,I never live a day through without thanking God for his existence.He was the reason I pray silently every day.I love him thoroughly and words cannot express how I always wish that we'll stop growing.Because soon it'll come a time,where both of us have no choice but leave one another in order to chase our dreams.I pray and I'll continue praying for him.Because he's my one and only brother.


By the way,