Saturday, July 31, 2010

Queen at Heart

Queen Victoria
- The longest and youngest reigning monarch to date..
Her romance with Prince Albert had been the greatest love story..Trust me..Watch Young Victoria

Queen Elizabeth II
- Present Queen of England

Queen Rania of Jordon
- An inspiration to all woman... Her ingenuity  and thorough commitment in instilling education amongst children and woman is just pure inspiration.
Quote-As you educate a woman, you educate the family. If you educate the girls, you educate the future.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

The one and only
Princess Diana

All my life, I've never been really fond of anything in particular. Or I would rather say fancy of something for a reasonable amount of time..And finally I could safely say that I'd discovered one...Take a guess..



Why????Royalties fascinate me in every way...I had always been curious on how they live their lives...and still am curious... !!!! If I was to talk about a royal, let say Queen Victoria, I could go on for hours but let's not get there first...For as much as I adore them, its that generous amount that I'm inspired by a handful of them.

And deep down, its my lifelong fantasy to be one of them..hehhehe...stop dreaming!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010


 Everyone once told me that piercing your ears aren't that painful..Indeed piercing is not that painful.In fact to be honest, it wasn't painful at all..When the sound of the piercing gun pierced through the silence, my immediate response was " Yeah, they were's painless!!" For a second or two, I was beaming inside and after that ' WOOSHHH'... The aftermath was excruciating..!!!! It's not red ants bite like how some people describe it to's way way way way more excruciating then ants biting...It's crucial...

It was tolerable though...but still disturbing pain!!! And now I'm trying to figure out how to turn my It's not moving and it hurts when I attempted to do so.... infection please!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


1. My eczema is getting from bad to worst. And its worrying my parents a lot, especially my dad  cause
eczema means frequent usage of steroid.

2. It's been a LONG time since I last watched a show that moved me to tears. I spent my evening watching
 My Sister's Keeper..And surprisingly it turned out better than I'd expected. Though I like the book
better..And while we are on the topics of movies, I managed to catch Inception with my classmates last
Friday..A show worth spending 2 hours 30 minutes in the cinema. Extraordinary though I don't really get
fractions of the show..Am planning to watch it again sometime next week!!:)

3. I'd basically wasted my whole Saturday doing NOTHING!!!! And while I always believe that Saturday is
a day for doing something more leisure and relaxing,today its just different.I was literally out the whole
day. But on a more delighted note,I had a really decent dinner with my parents whilst my brother was in his
friend's house...I managed to fill my dad in with current things happening in my life ranging from an array of
topics such as my new friends, studies and a little bit about general stuff.

4. I need GUTS...

5.Trials in 30 days or so, and yet I've done no whatsoever attempts in pushing my oh -so -poor grades  

6. I'm having  very bad cravings for waffles...waffles with cold ice-cream..OMG..this is BAD..especially
when I'm trying shed some pounds now....

7. Tennis is addictive!!!!

8. I missed Sri Lethia...(maybe not so much of the school  but the people in it)

9. I'd depression once a long time ago( to all my new friends who don't know about this)...and I'm not
ashamed of it in any way....and PLEASE AR, I'M NOT SIAO!!!...I have depression because I had very
chronic sleep apnea..I can go on  not sleeping entirely for two or three days.And it's not because I do not
want to sleep but just because I CAN'T!!!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


1.I'm having a really BAD mood swing now...CHRONIC!!! I rarely have mood swings but yeah, I guess it's
  okay to have it once in a while.

2. On the other note, I should be studying right now with trials approaching in a month or two, and not striding my fingers across the keyboard.Instead ,I'd basically wasted the whole night watching a good episode of Grey's and perusing some really good royalty articles.

3.  And for the first time following the weeks after college commences, I feel vulnerable. I feel like going back to the enjoying college part.. And like I say, I'm having very bad mood swings today and my senses aren't right.

4.  Whilst I'm on the topic of mood swings, I really feel like having few good strokes of tennis NOW!! Right
     now at 10.30 p.m..

5. My knees hurt like hell..the aftermath of playing swift tennis.

6. My eczema palms are getting from bad to worst and I'm going back to steroids.The itchiness and the splitting of the skin is driving me to a frigging POINT!!!

7. My college mates need to start believing that I'm not studying TOO hard. In an attempt to influence them to study, I end up  beingly knowned as the source of stress....hhahah..FAILED PLAN..but it's up to them to believe my motives though.


Sunday, July 04, 2010

So yeah!! College commences last week and surprisingly I didn't dread it as much as I reckon I would.That's good, huh.!!! The reason being I'd dropped law unofficially so I spent most of my time in the library either doing maths or catching up some unfinished homework. Bliss of life.

Something came up and apparently now I can't drop law anymore.And this is awesomely depressing. I already have a plan etched on my mind as to how I would spend my free lessons and I'm so looking forward to it. I hate it when things don't turn out the way I expected it too. So now no more free lessons, no more extra time to do maths and unfinished homework..arghhhh!!!! Back to hectic!!!!

On the other hand, I met up with my ex-primary mates , some of which are studying in the same institution as me and some of which are going abroad to study. It was fun.Very nice,meaningful especially when we reminisced about old times. It's like a small gathering and a farewell party for my best friend who's going abroad to study some time this month. Aww..Sherrie I'm gonna to miss u so so much.. We've literally spend almost all our lives together since nursery let say-14 it 14???? And 6 years apart from one another doesn't stop us from sharing secrets,deep secrets with one another..hehhehe..old times!!!