Saturday, December 31, 2011

HAPPY 2012

Why is it so difficult for me to string my sentences these days? For the past 10 minutes, I'd been typing and deleting then typing and backspacing again.Perhaps my passion for blogging did wear out. But that's not the point. The point is I promised one last entry before 2012. And this will be it.

I do have a lot to share, I'll probably give you the shrunken version of stories lest I'll be blamed for boring you out before I even started.I'm spending my final hours of 2011 in the comforts of my room, with my favourite tunes playing in the background, embracing and soaking in the joy of the few last hours before I call it a year.

2011 has been one of the most amazing years in my life. Despite enduring some difficult hurdles especially towards the end of this year, I dare say that this year has make me more happy and jubilant than ever. The moments and memories I spent with my loved ones and my friends are those I'll cherish at every point of my life. There were times this year,that I was left in huge doubts and queries about things. But things had taken off since then and had turned out quite well if not wonderful.But mostly, I thank God for all the answered and unanswered prayers.

I wouldn't say this year was easy. But the outcomes were definitely worth the pain. I learnt a lot and I'm not sure whether it did mould me to be a better person. But I'm pretty sure it taught me life lessons, things that you can't acquire from just merely reading. I am my father's daughter. I don't believe in success without struggles and I certainly don't believe in getting something and somewhere and not working hard for it. At times, I think I tried too hard to be on par with my dad. But there's no way my struggles and hurdles were anywhere near his. I lived a fairly comfortable life and every second I thought of giving up all I have to do is to close my eyes and run my dad's story again and again. If he can do it so can I.

It was a long long journey. An unbelievable one in fact. In the beginning half of this year, I was still in college getting all anxious and jittery about A levels. And then towards the end, I'm already one term done with university. It's daunting how swift time passes. It's even more daunting to see your good friends leaving this country to further their education. There are times when I broke down just because of how things had shaken up so much, how its no longer the same like before and how I'm forced to adapt and acclimatize with these new changes and move on. There were also times when people had doubt me. And of late I chose to put these people on a secluded area in my life. I'll not in any way be demotivated by people who tried to put me down.

All for all, I'm all good now (fingers crossed). Getting along pretty well with my uni mates. Indeed it's a blessing to have them in my life. To be honest, I was pretty sad on the last day of the term.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be at one of my good friend's farewell party and was again reminded by how God has so greatly put these wonderful people in my life. I hope no one leaves but it always happen at some point of our life. People moving in and out of our life. But altogether I'll never forget how united we all were and will for as long as it last. You people are the most inspiring people I've met in my life and I applaud all of you for the strength and courage in every possible ways.

I wished everyone a Happy 2012!!!  May everyone be happy in 2012!! Cheers

And with that, I now sentence my blog to a hiatus until further notice. Heheehe

p/s Speaking about 2011, there was this little teeny resolution that did not come true for me. Perhaps it wasn't that important after all :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011


So Blogger had a new layout.Is it just me or had it been here for quite some time already??

October had been a great month!! Besides successfully completing a 2 months attachment with UMW(much to everyone disbelief), I'd the opportunity to attend a dream come true concert. :) And did I mention I'd the best birthday party ever!!!
1 dream down, 1 more to go

One of the happiest month and moments of my life came to an end (unfortunately) to a new sorrow beginning of my much not anticipated education life. So yeah!!After the much deserved 3 months break,I was really looking forward to going back to academics. The initial enthusiasm makes the first few weeks bearable. And then the work starts piling up and with things accelerating ,I felt I'm starting to lack way behind schedule. Now I yearn for more break!!

The whole process of settling in and adapting and making friends wasn't easy either. I am somehow blessed and thankful that I've a few good college friends with me and that makes adapting much easier as compared to the intital stage of college days. Although I'm not too sure I could grow much closer to anyone in class like how I did with my college mates. I could very much tell on my first month in college that we'll grow closer together as a class and yeah my instincts turn out right. I'd make not only good but best friends which I'm looking forward to share my future with!!! But this time round, I'm not too sure:( I truly understand that it takes time to settle in and build a friendship based on mutual trust and understanding. And I shall go along with whatever that comes.

I know its too early to say this but things had been going quite well for me this year. Although the month of November can prove quite challenging,I have the utmost faith that I'll somehow survive. I have one last thing in mind to achieve before the end of this year.Perhaps it's not too convenient to say it down here and I half-heartedly reckon it will work but let's hope for the best :) If it works,it'll be the ultimate way to wrap up and call it the most amazing year thu far of my life!!!

p/s Downton Abbey is getting better and better!!!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Time of my life

It's been more than a month since my last entry. Truthfully things have changed quite a lot since my last nothing-to-do-for-fun-prison post!!!Since then I've

1. Started working  
You read it right. Jocularity aside,YEAH I'm now sorta financially independent for two months.It means I can go out and buy as much necklaces and jewelleries I want within my financial boundary without feeling guilty.I survived a month and one more month to go.On another note,work is not particularly fun.It's hectic if you would ask for my honest opinion.But with nice, pleasant people who so willingly guided me through the one month,I did learn a lot.After all, my idea of working is not the matter of $$$ but rather the experience!!!Although my job is zero applicable in whatever I'm pursuing in uni, it's just the whole experience of working in a mundane office like environment that tells me to NEVER work in front of computers 24/7 in the future.Moreover my job now that requires me to deal with lots of figures would be my last and perhaps my final chance to be doing anything serious with numbers!!!

2. Gotten my results,of course      
There's nothing much to say about it.Just one thing,I did fulfill my uni offers.Sigh!!Relief!!!

3. Become more fussy and tedious
Being fussy and neat and proper and systematic is the last thing anyone would've expected from me.I'm that sort of person who can't even decipher my own notes -.-!!!Everyone is cordially invited to take a look at my study table and deduce for yourself!!!But 1 month, ONE friggin' month damn well taught me lots.I'm now super particular about how you should stapler a stack of papers.It must be straight and 1 cm away from the edge.That tedious you see!!!I even make an effort to start work early to arrange the files in all 4 vast cupboard.Tell me about it!!!And on my last day of work,I shall convey to my boss about the files cabinet being too high out of reach.Laugh, I know I'm short but mind you I've to wear  3 inch heels everyday and tip-toe and with that I'm only being able to reach the TIP of the highest portion of the cabinet.It's discrimination against the short and I'm not the only person having trouble reaching the files.I see people jumping to put back the files and when you finally slid in that one file you took, the other files will decide to play DOMINO on you.

That's basically a month and more worth of story from me. Happy perusing!!

As for this week,it feels like the longest I had!!Lots of things happened and if you care enough to come and ask me personally,I'll tell you!!Not good stuff though.Perhaps I would say it's one of the hardest I'd endure after a very long time.I'm still in the process of taking in and swallowing things and fully digesting the whole thing.It's times like this,I wish I could lean on someone and stop being strong and happy on the outside.I'm distracting myself with things and I think that would be the fastest way out to not ponder about things anymore.

On a lighter note,my college friends are coming down to my place tomorrow which is something jolly to be celebrated after one hell of a hectic week. I'm bringing them for a makan makan trip and maybe act tour guide in the one mall all Klang-ians go to!!!I hope I don't disappoint.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Anders Breivick

He's pretty renowned right now.So if you haven't heard of him, I suggest Google!!

Read,ponder and do bear with my vexation below

If my figures are accurate he had taken 76 lives to date & many others still missing.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Of Pride&Prejudice and a touchy article!!

I promise this will be a short one for I've to shower and get ready to walk that mall again.I swear one day if someone was to blindfold me,spin me around, take me on a merry-go-round, in that mall,I could still find my way.

The month of August is fast approaching, and there are two things I'm particularly worry and jubilant about.
2. Birthdays

I'd recalled saying how much I love the month of March,August,November & December for all my good & best friends were born in the month. And this time round, I hope I can come out with something really pleasant for two really good friends of mine.Ahem..You know who you guys are!!! Perhaps to early to say, but I hope I don't disappoint!!
And on a more sombre note, whether you like it or detest it, whatever mixture of feelings you endure, the results will still be out!!! Just so you know


But on a more happy chapter, I finally ended my Pride&Prejudice drama marathon yesterday. And oh I couldn't tell you how much I love ,love that show!!! Although I much prefer the 1995 version compared to the 2005. The only downside in the 1995 version is the character portraying Jane Bennet wasn't as much prettier than Elizabeth Bennet and the whole cast wasn't as good looking as the 2005 version EXCEPT for Mr Darcy who was played by 


Colin Firth will and should  always be remembered as the only Mr Darcy!!!

I was wrong about this being a short one because I've got one more thing to touch. You know every time people shares a link on Facebook or Twitter or etc,I'll just shrug it off unless its of a close acquaintance.But lately, I've been perusing and watching a lot of shared links , firstly out of boredom and secondly I find it entertaining.A constant and loyal reader of Daily Mail myself, I try my arduously best to read every article that is.And so I stumbled across this article yesterday and I can't help but feel the lump in my throat and tears already welling in my eyes.I'm not going to go any further on this article for all of you have to read it for yourself. Here's the link .

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For the past few days or so, I'd been playing dress-up with my blog,changing it's layout again and again.So after few of these sessions, I've finally make up my mind to settle on this.

I'm already starting to feel the boredom kicking in again even after 2 days of full blast excitement with my two bestest friend in the world.It was just one fine day,sometime last week that I just randomly suggested taking a short trip up to Genting.So yeah, not much planning after that we were finally there having so much fun,enjoying ourselves and chortling like we used to.

Happy family of three-Me,Lynn & Shankry

Look at the beautiful braid courtesy of Lynnette:)

I am in the midst of what is to become one of my longest education break in my life. Initially I look forward to the holidays yearning so much to unwind myself after the exams and the idea of finally having  time to do what I always love doing thrills me.But a fortnight into the holidays,I swear I've executed almost everything down my to-do-list which is meant to last for 3 months. Till date, I'd read 5 storybooks, watched and re- watched movies, walked the malls like I never did, eat,sleep,play,pray,wish,hope and dream. I even did a little art & craft during the holidays. I was so bored to the point that I need to remind myself how lucky and blessed I am.So I drew up a list of the amazing moments in my life , inspired by a picture from happy things tumblr!!

It will come as no surprise as to how much of a royal enthusiast I am. So this holiday,I discovered an online royal collection shop. And omg,I just melt and my heart just did a little somersault sort of thingy. So basically this online royal shop sells everything for you to plan a royalty tea/birthday party or other function.See what they have. See more here .
Royal carriage magnet as souvenir

One more happy note for myself-Westlife is coming to Malaysia.Like FINALLY!! These are the little little things that cheer me up but nothing cheers me up more than

One of the best English drama I've ever watch. Can't wait till the second season which is schedule to be released late this year!!!

Meanwhile,I'm keeping my hands crossed on getting this particular job.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm back!!!

So yeah!! Back from the 3 days 2 nights of absolute excitement and fun!!! And down with 2 days and 1 night of constant vomiting and fever.Not good, I know.

It's gonna be a short entry,I promise as the medicine's still making me drowsy. I swear its the antibiotics.It bloody hell works just like sleeping pills.

Give me another 2 days or so, I'll be back to the bubbly,loud,annoying and all smile me. And as for the coming days and weeks and months these are what I plan to do.

1. Settle on a good course to embark in uni and similarly enrol in one.
2. Get a job!! I don't wanna slump for 3 months
3. Tidy up my oh-so-messy table
4. Peruse my storybooks!!!

On another note,I miss my friends!!:( Not good,not good , really its not good at all!!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

20 mins of random!! I swear it's more than 20

20 minutes.That's all I have.That's all I give myself!!

Not kiasu la. At the end of this 20 minutes, I need to race to bed. Knackered. It's been a  long day..

In the midst of a so important-major-jaw dropping-heart wrenching exam that had been going on for a month.Not kidding one leh-A MONTH!!!

The best part is that it ends this Friday which is 2 days away from today. Thats one, second part is that this will be the final final and last last time I'll be doing any of  these subjects ever. To be honest,I'll miss Maths a lot.Question on whether I'll miss  accountings,we'll have to wait till I sit for the paper on Thursday.If it's good,then I'll definitely miss it.If it's not, goodbye accoutings,it's been a long journey.Economics and me both have a very strange sort of relationship.I'm always giving Econs a chance, a second-guess but after today Econs we both have been trying too hard.It didn't work by the way!!!

Moving on, hehhehe.This is the best part.It's like the climax!!This is the part where years from now, Prince Harry will get down to one knee and asked me to marry him.It's that exciting and jubilant. After Friday of course its Saturday and a bunch of us are heading all the way north to Pangkor to rejuvenate and basically celebrate the end of the one month stress-induced exam!!! So so excited!!!

That's the best parts of it.However... Pathetic post alert!!

Today as I was  resigning to the comforts of my bed for a short nap, I realised how much I didn't want this Saturday to come. How much I resent it silently deep down.Because I'm no more thinking about that 3 days which I believe will be cherished (hopefully) by all of us. I'm looking to after that 3 days-after Monday. What are we going to do?? Where are we??? What's next??? Are we still going to have our occasional class trips to malls and lunches or are we just going to stay at home to pass time???To be honest,I'm afraid. And last night in bed, I thought of how God has brought all these beautiful people to my life and I thank HIM for that.

Perhaps at the end of the day its me whose over-reacting(not strange).To me, life is always a fairytale.I choose to wish a little, believe more and dream even more.That's me!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


HEY !!!

First thing first YES , blog had been on thorough hiatus for months.But the anticipated(or maybe not so) part is YES , it's back!!I've finally decided to revamp it's layout after much contemplation. This time round,I chose a more serious,dull looking layout to match the tone of my writing.Actually I reckon it should be the other way round.I'm attempting really hard right here to come out with something really serious.LOL much!!

Second thing second, it seems like almost a year had passed since my last emo/pathetic entry. Which leads me to tell you how things had work for me in these few precious months.The reason I took a break from  blogging was to avoid myself from writing horrible stuffs that i'll regret.Things that I'll read back in the coming years in fact months and realised how naive and selfish , an individual I was.But those were the days, I would put it and I've leap to a new chapter in my life. A whole new book, a whole new journey.But this time round,I embark on a  journey with the people I cherish most in my life.People whom I knew I could count on and trust. I knew I was ready to come back when I could finally let go and stop blaming myself for things that had happened and accept it as it is. To me it was an incredible process.

And of course , I did it with some help:

1. Private Practice. It must be a joke right how a medical drama could aid in putting me back into track. But HELL YES,IT DID.In fact it did an amazing job!!!Private Practice taught me to realise the goodness of life and how lucky I was.It put me and 'problem' feels like a complete fool/sucker and joker. I recalled sitting in front of the computer the whole day with my pyjamas catching the missing episodes.I don't remember crying so much watching a show.It tears me up more than Titanic did and I'm not even kidding. It still does.Lasting impact!!Woo..I'm an organ doner now!!Wait, I should say in the process. Malaysian system sucks..But yea I'll be an organ doner soon!!!

2.Good friends.Really super awesome funny friends which makes me crack up at their every joke!!!And it's really important to note who they are. I shall relate why later. And they are
Chia Li, Mel , Me, Kelvin, CCY-Try to find the boys in the pic..try really hard!!

3. Best friend-Lynnette!! Period...
Oh yea forgot...I told her she'll be my lady-in-waiting if I marry a prince.A real one okay!!!Real means  
And apology for the extreme fantasy!!

4.Eat Pray Love. I'm talking about the book..Oh and the quote also la. 
5.Revelation.It's been a month now since I learned that my mum almost lost me during the 7th month of her pregnancy. Mum told me it was a miracle that I make it through.The exact words she relate to me was "You are a God given child". I did tear up a bit seeing how lucky I am.

6. Royalty.It pulled me into the world of fantasy fantasy and away from the harsh reality of life which do me good in a way!!

That's what I could come up with in the moment. But do come back often because I'm thinking about royalty for my next entry.Did a bit of reading and I'll tell you what I think about Kate!!

p/s: Accessories like necklace turn me on more than hawt boys do these days