Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blogging n Diary

There are certain thoughts and perceptions that you just can't open up and share with people...These thoughts will end up in diary..On the other note,there are happy,elated stories that are worth sharing..These stories end up in your blog...

But for the moment,I have no stories worth sharing with but lots of thoughts and perceptions lingering in my mind...So I seek comfort in my diary!!!That's for now!!!!

And I'm glad that the spelling check icon is back..Or was it here for some time..I haven't been blogging in eons!!!!So yeah!!!!Back to studying law!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm seriously mad right now..Like pissed....

Some people are just plain selfish...Self-centered...I just can't believe myself...Myself for being friends with people who are just plain self-centered...what's more...I tolerated her for years....I certainly can't see the logic behind it..

It's just plain childish the way she acts..She still thinks I'm the old me...The old me who can still tolerate that degree of attitude she possesed...Somehow or rather, I seemed to be fine with what she does few years back but today,I can't ,I just can't. Perhaps I did change..Or rather I would say I'm not living the life the way she wants me too..

If ever,she happens to stumble across my blog,yeah!!!Here it is!!Here's how I feel about you all along!!

And yeah,I sort of feel better now..I seldom blog when I'm mad...But somehow I'm doing it now...Inspired by Sue I guess...It feels so good....Damn she's good

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Years don't count

Someone once told me that years don't count when it comes to friendships.I argued back and shrugged her off. I personally feel that a strong and rigid relationship needs years to build.That amount of trust and connection you have for someone,it takes years!!!

Today however,I choose to believe the opposite.Time indeed, proves to me that  years don't count when it comes to relationships.And at this point of my life ,i strongly believe that all that matters now is your genuine and honest perceptions about people.I'm fully adamant now that years don't act as a determinant in measuring the value of friendship.

There's this certain phase of your life that you realise that you are feigning all these while.But all you can do back then is just to ignore that tiny feeling and move on.But when you finally move on for real,then will you realise how foolish you are.

When it comes to relationships,friendships in particular self-centered and selfishness are not in my dictionary.And when you have that capability of commiting something outside my degree of tolerance,again and again,all I could tell you is that it's over.

There's just this gap,however diminished in size it is,it's still there.I'm also determine that I would be better off with people whom I just met.It's just that feeling!!!!

The moral of the story is: YEARS DON'T COUNT!!!