Thursday, April 14, 2011


HEY !!!

First thing first YES , blog had been on thorough hiatus for months.But the anticipated(or maybe not so) part is YES , it's back!!I've finally decided to revamp it's layout after much contemplation. This time round,I chose a more serious,dull looking layout to match the tone of my writing.Actually I reckon it should be the other way round.I'm attempting really hard right here to come out with something really serious.LOL much!!

Second thing second, it seems like almost a year had passed since my last emo/pathetic entry. Which leads me to tell you how things had work for me in these few precious months.The reason I took a break from  blogging was to avoid myself from writing horrible stuffs that i'll regret.Things that I'll read back in the coming years in fact months and realised how naive and selfish , an individual I was.But those were the days, I would put it and I've leap to a new chapter in my life. A whole new book, a whole new journey.But this time round,I embark on a  journey with the people I cherish most in my life.People whom I knew I could count on and trust. I knew I was ready to come back when I could finally let go and stop blaming myself for things that had happened and accept it as it is. To me it was an incredible process.

And of course , I did it with some help:

1. Private Practice. It must be a joke right how a medical drama could aid in putting me back into track. But HELL YES,IT DID.In fact it did an amazing job!!!Private Practice taught me to realise the goodness of life and how lucky I was.It put me and 'problem' feels like a complete fool/sucker and joker. I recalled sitting in front of the computer the whole day with my pyjamas catching the missing episodes.I don't remember crying so much watching a show.It tears me up more than Titanic did and I'm not even kidding. It still does.Lasting impact!!Woo..I'm an organ doner now!!Wait, I should say in the process. Malaysian system sucks..But yea I'll be an organ doner soon!!!

2.Good friends.Really super awesome funny friends which makes me crack up at their every joke!!!And it's really important to note who they are. I shall relate why later. And they are
Chia Li, Mel , Me, Kelvin, CCY-Try to find the boys in the pic..try really hard!!

3. Best friend-Lynnette!! Period...
Oh yea forgot...I told her she'll be my lady-in-waiting if I marry a prince.A real one okay!!!Real means  
And apology for the extreme fantasy!!

4.Eat Pray Love. I'm talking about the book..Oh and the quote also la. 
5.Revelation.It's been a month now since I learned that my mum almost lost me during the 7th month of her pregnancy. Mum told me it was a miracle that I make it through.The exact words she relate to me was "You are a God given child". I did tear up a bit seeing how lucky I am.

6. Royalty.It pulled me into the world of fantasy fantasy and away from the harsh reality of life which do me good in a way!!

That's what I could come up with in the moment. But do come back often because I'm thinking about royalty for my next entry.Did a bit of reading and I'll tell you what I think about Kate!!

p/s: Accessories like necklace turn me on more than hawt boys do these days