Friday, October 24, 2008

Obesession to tennis

This is what Rhenu said before the PJK paper
Rhenu: My mother asks us to plan a trip to_________
Yenn and me were like wondering maybe somewhere far or beneficial like Sunway Pyramid or a museum.Look Rhenu used the word 'plan a trip' instead of like 'go' or etc...'Plan a trip' sounded so much more serious.She eventually finished her sentence with 'Aeon'.
Both me and Yenn burst into a huge laughter.And obviously Rhenu will never missed out any laughing opportunity.

So we did plan a trip to Aeon. But after three consecutive weeks of no sweating,Rhenu suggested that we go for a game of tennis.Sometimes Rhenu does give brilliant ideas.So 1st stop-tennis court in Klang Club.Behold:

Three weeks of no sweating means extra fats jucking out

My mum picked us up and chaeuffered us to Aeon.We mingled around for like 2 hours to help Rhenu find an appropriate attire for her cousins.Then we had like about 2 hours left and we decided to watch a movie.

So we went to the theatre and asked.

Rhenu,me and yenn: Any movie that starts at 4p.m sharp


Rhenu,me and yenn:OK.

So we watched 'Kami'.There were only like 14 people including us in the cinema.

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