Thursday, November 17, 2011


So Blogger had a new layout.Is it just me or had it been here for quite some time already??

October had been a great month!! Besides successfully completing a 2 months attachment with UMW(much to everyone disbelief), I'd the opportunity to attend a dream come true concert. :) And did I mention I'd the best birthday party ever!!!
1 dream down, 1 more to go

One of the happiest month and moments of my life came to an end (unfortunately) to a new sorrow beginning of my much not anticipated education life. So yeah!!After the much deserved 3 months break,I was really looking forward to going back to academics. The initial enthusiasm makes the first few weeks bearable. And then the work starts piling up and with things accelerating ,I felt I'm starting to lack way behind schedule. Now I yearn for more break!!

The whole process of settling in and adapting and making friends wasn't easy either. I am somehow blessed and thankful that I've a few good college friends with me and that makes adapting much easier as compared to the intital stage of college days. Although I'm not too sure I could grow much closer to anyone in class like how I did with my college mates. I could very much tell on my first month in college that we'll grow closer together as a class and yeah my instincts turn out right. I'd make not only good but best friends which I'm looking forward to share my future with!!! But this time round, I'm not too sure:( I truly understand that it takes time to settle in and build a friendship based on mutual trust and understanding. And I shall go along with whatever that comes.

I know its too early to say this but things had been going quite well for me this year. Although the month of November can prove quite challenging,I have the utmost faith that I'll somehow survive. I have one last thing in mind to achieve before the end of this year.Perhaps it's not too convenient to say it down here and I half-heartedly reckon it will work but let's hope for the best :) If it works,it'll be the ultimate way to wrap up and call it the most amazing year thu far of my life!!!

p/s Downton Abbey is getting better and better!!!