Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A quiet one

So yeah!!I guess right now there must be a lot of people partying out there and having the time of their life.New Year this year is going to be a quiet one in fact every year its very dreary and slow moving.My whole family does not make a big deal out of all this celebration.Worst part is my dad has gone back to Penang for some business matters.

Though the dreariness of this whole thing doesn't bother me a bit,I am still quite disturb.I don't know.Something is bothering me and I don't know what.Maybe I'm scared after all.I just can't see the logic behind all my tangle thoughts.

2008 HAS been a great year.In a matter of time I'll be writing 2008 HAD been a great year.Maybe I'm just scared to leave all those memories behind.I'd been losing a lot.Don't get me wrong:-not in love or relationships.I'm a person with very stern principals in which I do not get myself involve into any serious relationships until I finish high school.

I will never in a thousand years expected that 2008 will turn out well.From being placed in a class with completely zero closed acquaintances to losing the MSSD tennis, 2008 indeed turns out to be a miracle.The best gift that God had given me is blessing me with three beautiful friends.You wouldn't know how much they meant to me.Tell me how many friends out there will tolerate a friend who kept on rambling about her insomnia or depression.Ivy and Yenn listened to me every morning.How many friend will get all anxious and nervous when you're late for exam??Rhenu did.

For me to express all this to them in proper sentences right in front of them is definitely impossible.I'm not very dramatic.But right here I can tell you honestly from the bottom of my heart that you guys have been the greatest gift that God had given to me.There were times I still doubt your presence in my life but I'd gotten over it.To string all this in a sentence I reckon I'll fumble maybe a mixture of trembling lips and slobber all over my mouth.Gross right it sounds.So don't make me confess in front of you guys.Ivy,Rhenu and Yenn I knew no matter what happen in future we're still be 'THE WORLD'S GREATEST FOURSOME' because I still want to chortle loudly.As in LAUGH OUT VERY LOUDLY.


p/s:I might be considering to shut down my blog depending on the feed backs I get because I feel my real journey is just taking off.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Serene and tranquil

Look, a week before going to Pangkor I recalled very strongly that I ranted on several issues such as insomnia,bloating and etc.Now that I'm back I can safely tell you that my disorders are not due to anxiety but PMS.

Moving on, I still can't get over it.Get over with the soothing and calm waves and the serenity of the resort.The lush manicured lawns and the grassy scent sometimes still blew me away and I wished a thousand times I was there.I'd never stopped thinking ever since the holiday took off.A visit to an island was just a perfect escape from all my preposterous,superstitious and hypochondriac thoughts.

I would never in a thousand years dare to admit that I'm a country girl or a nature lover but deep down I'm beginning to plant a serious hatred towards all this buzzing and hectic city life.I can have a garden at my house or maybe a small nursery but I knew for sure that it was just a temporary escape because the moment I spin around I see another car zooming past.

Different people got different perceptions on where they choose to retire.But I can assure you I will definitely retire in a place with sandy and beautiful beaches.And Pangkor might be one of my many options only if I'm penniless even to fly out of Malaysia.

I missed sunbathing,having buffet for three main meals,dipping myself into the salty sea water,sleeping at the beach.I was thinking of going back there the coming holiday-March right I guess.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pangkor Island Beach Resort

That's me taking the final slug of wine

Orange juice-vital for breakfast


Dutch Fort
Serene view outside our room

That's me sunbathing

I'd been thinking a lot lately. 3 days escape to an island was just a perfect getaway to calm my nerves.Now that I'm back,I'd got completely different perspectives on what I see things.I used to love hanging out in malls but now I don't.I don't know.Maybe it's just the aftermath of visiting a place with no malls,meagre cars and zero pollution.Though I hope I'll get over it soon.

Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm Back

Hey all,I'm back!!!!Everything been great and moving according to my plan.I'd the time of my life in Pangkor.Really enjoy myself and wish to be back there again.I'll be posting an excerpt of my wonderful trip tomorrow together with some pictures.Stay tune.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wish me luck!!

I'm off to Pangkor Island tomorrow and God willing will be staying in one of the most prestigious and lavish resort right there-Pangkor Island Beach Resort.Right now I just hope and pray hard that I don't get my menses. And wish me luck in sleeping tonight.I'll be back in three days time.Till then.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Anxiety or sleeping too much????

I reached for the torchlight and flicked it . I glanced at the clock.Its 4.35a.m.I was wondering "What am I suppose to do at this time??". The answer was easy.I was supposed to be sleeping or at least try to sleep but I made no efforts in accomplishing both.I heaved a loud sigh of annoyance.My back is sore and my stomach is not giving way.I tossed and turned.I woke up,stretched my sore body and then revert back to trying to sleep.All my efforts were in vain.Minutes later I forced myself to get up and on the air-condition.I wrestled with my pillow for a few minutes before I snoozed off.

The next morning,I woke up hoping that I'd at least slept for 5 hours.I opened my eyes and Ta-Da.Man its only 9.10a.m.I'd been sleeping for like four hours only.I reverted back to sleeping but the sore of my body was not giving way.After much tossing and turning,I pulled my duvet aside and made my way to the next room where my brother was already busy playing his computer.I tried sleeping in the other room hoping that a different environment will at least make me sleep.No way!!!

My next intention was to head down the kitchen to get something to bite.When I maneuvered my way out of the room,I felt so dizzy.I made my way back to my room and without further hesitation,I landed on my bed,closed my eyes,shut my thoughts and again I fell into a deep sleep.

On the other hand,I reckoned I napped too much in the afternoon.I slept for approximately 2 hours in that afternoon.

Now the question is "Is it anxiety or sleeping too much"?

I can't go through another night without sleeping.I intend to pop a Panadol before I go to bed tonight.

For those of you out there that have the same problem feel free to share your miseries with me.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Breakfast-a crucial meal

"Eat a queen's breakfast,a middle-man's lunch and a beggar's dinner."

As the saying goes,breakfast is one of the most important meal of the day in fact I would say the most important of all. In today's entry I would like to point out some facts to fellow readers of my blog on how vital having breakfast is.

1.Eating breakfast lessen the chances to get obesity

I am indeed aware that many adolescents today are very conscious about their weight.Many I known are trying their level best to stay in tip-top condition.

My advice to you:Don't take breakfast

2.Healthier heart

Indeed everybody wants and yearns for a healthy heart.Breakfast does all the magic.


If you are one of those people who never stop yawning,the chances of your fatigues might be due to not taking breakfast.


5.Lose all the important nutrients=ANOREXIC

Last resort to suicide

There were several occasions when I questioned some of my close buddies in a serious tone asking them why they don't take their breakfast.And the feedback I get didn't really astonish me much.Some complained that they'll acquire symptoms like nausea,vomiting,and stomachache . But I can assure you ,if you're a person who practices taking your breakfast since young all this problems would not arise.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Alright its confession time.

I'm not going to Mumbai and I've got zero plans of going there.

The truth is I'm going to Pangkor Island.

I really and trully wish and hope that I'll enjoy myself out there.Wish me luck!!!

Thats why I'm so anxious.Ok I'm insane.Hey anxiety is one of the symptoms of PMS.

Ok.I'm not going to think about it anymore.

With love,

Monday, December 15, 2008

Lactose intolerance

I seem to be very passionate about milk.I don't know why.I tend to peruse up milk a lot nowadays.Milk fascinates me.If you ask me why??My answer will be 'I don't know.It's just natural'.I did milk for my EST presentation.Whenever I'm in a pharmacy or clinic,I tend to look up more on the nutrition section and the debate on whether milk is good for us always made the front page.

But the funny thing here is.'I DON'T AND WILL NEVER DRINK MILK'.I tend to look at the adverse effects of milk rather than the advantages it bring for our health.Alright a fact still remains a fact and though I hate to admit it,its still a fact.'I'M LACTOSE INTOLERANCE'.

Hahah.Now you know why I dislike milk.Of course milk does contributes largely in providing calcium to our body.But did anyone of you here look at the more ugly side of drinking milk.I call it nature,people just tend to look at the brighter side of something.For instance just take pork.It seems so sumptuous when its cook and serve to you with all those culinary skills.But do you know how much harm it brings us???No doubt I do take pork.If not you're not a Chinese.But I try to consume less.My dad don't take pork for like years maybe a decade.

Back to milk.Alright here I go again.I started drinking milk again last Thursday to confirm whether I'm really lactose intolerance. I don't know whether its due to the fact that Farmhouse milk got more lactose compared to other brands.Two days later, gosh my stomach started bloating and I got bad flatulence.I'm looking like a 6 month pregnant woman now.

Is it because of PMS??I doubt because I don't usually get bloating as PMS.Or is it because of anxiety????

I googled bloating and one of the causes are anxiety.I think I'm just too extravagant jubilant because I'm going to Mumbai.Is it because of that or is it PMS???

Anyway I don't really think I'm having insomnia.Its just partly due to anxiety also.I guess.Because insomnia meant you have difficulty falling asleep.I can sleep but I tend to wake up feeling very excited and this eventually deters me from dissolving in again.

I'm definitely a hypochondriac.I don't give a damn thing about anything from now on.I'm just going to sleep my way off.

Hey or maybe the bloating can be cause for my frequent skipping of breakfast.

Help me someone!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Is insomnia one of the many symptoms of PMS???

Yes, definitely..

My insomnia is slowly striking back again.According to Wikepedia I'm suffering from onset insomnia which means difficulty falling asleep in the beginning of the night and usually due to anxiety disorder.

I'm just confused for the time being.Is it because of PMS I'm having my usual insomnia or is it due to the fact that I'm too elated because I'm flying off to Mumbai soon???

What do you guys reckon????

I really hope fellow readers of my blog can leave some comments not the harsh one and share something you guys know.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


When my parents first told me that they enrolled me into MGS , I was all moody and frustrated at the same time.This was due to the fact that all my friends and buddies from primary have all successfully earned themselves a place in Kwang Hua.My first instincts when my parents conveyed the news to me was 'I've got no friends there.I hate that school'. Frankly speaking,I had once visioned that I'll graduate from high school without any friends.

But after four years soon to be five, I am proud to say that I'm a Mgs-ians. I was blessed not only with one best friend but my list of close acquaintances is slowly loading up. From that day onwards,I always believe in miracles.I believe that miracles are yet to happen when you have that will and believe it'll come true.For instance I can't stop believing that I'm blessed with another three beautiful and graceful friend this year though the fact that my years of schooling are already coming to an end.

Alright that's not the ulterior motive of me writing this post.Shankry one of my close confidantes just celebrated her sweet sixteen.I knew her for four years but I had a feeling that I'd known her for like eternity.In conjunction with her sweet sixteen , we(Lynnette and me) planned a trip to Aeon.

Of course, we did the normal stuffs like eating,visiting the loo and shopping.But what differs this outing from the others was that we visited the spa.'Uh.What spa???'

No.No. I said no.Not this one.

Yeah.This one.

What spa again uh???


Thursday, December 04, 2008


95% of unproductive life+ 2% of healthy life+ 3% of bizarre habits=SLUG

Basically unproductive life involves :

1.Sleeping in the wee hours of the morning
2.Napping for at least a minimum of 3 hours per day
3.Lazing and touring around the house doing only God knows what

Its either that or I can also be seen clanging on the mobile for like forever!!

The remaining and pathetic 2% of healthy life includes meandering around the mall pushing my way through a bunch of eccentric crowds and of course TENNIS...

On the other hand, 3% of bizarre habits revolves around chewing on my poor nails to provoking others .

So yeah!!Everyone is off for holidays!!!And I'm still here ranting about how pathetic and dreary my holidays are.Rhenu is off for some weird golf camp which is happening in Rawang.I-vie is already in the midst of packing her luggage for her upcoming trip to Hong Kong.Whilst I guess Yenn is busy planning her itinerary for her trip to 'Kangaroo Land'.

C'mon I'm not that pitiful to stay at home the whole time.On a more rapturous side, I'm actually going to Mumbai.Yeah!!Mumbai ...Here I come..

Oh and by the way the 2% of healthy life I lead is indeed really positive and worth it.While meandering around the mall last week,I saw something shining so shimmering in front of me.Gosh!!I'd been eyeing for this like what seem like years.
securely seal up in the plastic

The skirt with built in shorts-ideal attire for tennis

After deliberating the pros and the cons and contemplating about 100 times (not really ler) in the end, I opted for HEAD. There might be a lot of brands out there that offer sports attire like this. But I honestly I can tell you, if you were to compare this particular HEAD skirt with the Nike one, its hell of a difference.

I'm not trying to point out that Nike products are useless but some products you need to opt for the right brand.Like for instance Nike got cool sneakers whilst HEAD will never in a millions years can manufacture such product.It actually depends.

And by the way when are they going to release episode 10 of Grey's Anatomy...