Thursday, December 20, 2007

Without any further preamble , i hereby would like to continue uploading the pic.


Ever dream of becoming like Donald Trump or Martha Stewart???
Ever dream of staying in a mansion equipped with an olympic size swimming pool and a manicured lawn.....
How the heck are these people getting richer day by day???
Its ridiculous!!!!!
Shankry's sis is currently working in a bookstore and she just hang-up a few minutes ago telling me her sis barely earn 20 bugs a day
Its pathetic.......
I'm currently so not in the mood to talk to anyone right now
another dreary Wednesday
i felt like holidays will be a perfect getaway
do u still think that i can enjoy myself when my PMR results will be out in a week time???
its just a matter of time
thinking of it is already sheer purgatory
felt like getting a mani or pedi
or some really close friends to amuse me!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another dreary Tuesday!!!!!

I hate the dreariness of my everyday life!!!Its either tv tv tv or com com com.
Why can't I have more choices????
Thought of updating this blog yesterday
my poor computer was infected with virus
woke up feeling quite peculiar
thought of kai fan(chicken rice)
went all the way to Eng Ann for the kai fan
sigh when mum said kedai tutup
end up settling down in a coffee shop near klang parade
went to klang parade
get my wrist watch done
bought some DVDS
went home
Mr Choo called
as usual went for tennis
feeling quite disappointed with my tennis strokes
went home-have dinner
took a warm cozy shower
Divya smsed
Hey pei zhen PMR results coming out on 27th December and confirm
Hands trembling,heart rate beating faster then usual
called Shanz
informed her about the news
shared the same anxiety
convincing each another that its impossible to get 7A's
told her about my funny instinct i have
Honestly experience always teach me that my instinct are right
Feeling uneasy I eventually decided to post a blog
I reckon that i'll write about my day in Malacca some other time

Friday, December 14, 2007


First and foremost, i would like to wish everyone out there a HAPPY HOLIDAY!!! Thousand of apologies to all my blog viewers as i've abandon my blog again. Since my PMR examination had been over a long long time ago i started some really bad habits like sleeping during the wee hours of the morning when everyone should be sleeping and waking up at noon.Worst of all i seldom take my breakfast instead i took my brunch(which is a no no for growing up teens). Getting up early in the morning is sheer purgatory. I felt so estatic when Dad mentioned that we'll be going to Fraser's Hill.Unfortunately he let us down due to the unpredictable weather. So we sat down and finally decided to go to Malacca. Malacca as i knew was one of the most recognised historical sites in Malaysia. On that day i woke up at the wee hours of the morning(in fact i was awake the whole night-maybe because i was too excited of the trip/i drank too much green tea that day). I've read throught a lot of articles that caffeine will actually lead to insomnia.So i laid in bed whole night thinking about the half-way through packing and staring at my bro which is already snoring away.In the harsh sobriety of the morning , i diligently finished up my packing and headed downstairs to eat my breakfast.At about 10a.m we eventually loaded all our luggage in the car and bid goodbye to my aunt.Not only that we even bid goodbye to our computer which will actually be taking 3 days off.We were told that it'll be approximately about a 2 hours ride to reach Malacca.At about 12 p.m we checked-in to the nearest hotel.All of us actually hope to get a place in Equatorial Hotel but unfortunately it is fully booked.So we headed off feeling quite disappointed and checked-in to City Bayview( a 4 star hotel) which is located at the heart of the city.Along the way to our hotel I saw something that actually impressed me.It is the Bukit Sebukor Waterfall which is locatd along one of Melaka's busiest roads so it appears to give the area a sense of serenity amongst the chaotic traffic.The waterfall has been said as manmade and is reported to have cost alost 1.78 million. I'm actually still in the midst of searching this really impressive pic in the internet.I promised i will upload it immediately when i found it.We started off our first day easing and pampering ourselves in the hotel. Here is a few shots that i took from City Bayview

The hotel's lobby

Malacca is well known for its baba and nyonya heritage

I actually took some pictures of our so called cozy hotel room in City Bayview but i reckon that my bro deleted it away as he's too desperate.When we were in Malacca i starved most of the time as we were not familiar with the place.We even thought of settling down in our hotel and have our dinner.Nevertheless the food there was too exorbitant.So after asking around we finally settled down to a nyonya restaurant and my brother and I started grabbing anything that is edible on the table...........hehehheh...On the next day of our trip we checked-out from City Bayview hotel as there is no rooms available for us anymore.We eventually tried Equatorial Hotel for the second time hoping there's a room available for us. A smile plastered on my face when the receptionist in the front desk confirmed our booking and told us that we can check-in by 12 noon. While waiting to be checked-in we visited some well known hstorical sites in malacca.I'll tried to update this blog again as soon as possible as the internet connection is terribly slow.......................

Monday, August 20, 2007


Wow!!!!Its been like a decade since i update this blog. Seriously i can't even remember my password when i log in. Tried a few times before getting it through. Lately i'v been so ravenous.I don't know why. But i'm extremly tired too-thinking about my PMR which is just around the corner and i'm only pulling up my socks.We are now in the midst of the third semester break-can't remember whether its a third semester break or the second.Anyway i dun bother about holidays.To me holidayis just a period time where students like me and u love to laze around creating havoc and sleeping till daytime.Honestly i think that holidays are just a waste of time.I bet everone disagrees with that but still there are some that actually agrees with me.Aaaaargggggghhhhhh!!!Holiday is not as bad as what i mention..............Try to catch up with some old friends then u will not find holiday as boring as what i mention.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

the first time i edited a photo...............heheheh........using adobe

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Why do u think i tittled this post as aftershock?????

My computer just got corrupted after a heavy rain on monday.So the only thing the computer man can do to treat my computer is to wash everything away. Lovely pictures,documents and songs were destroyed in just a click.

But i'm trying my best to download everything again.

Before i forget, I've read an article on the internet (totally forgotten the url) that actually impressed me. Its some ways to avoid being hurt by someone. It doesn't matter whether its a love relationship or friendship.

1. Firstly do not be too close to them.Cuz when they leave u one day u'll be very hurt
2. Secondly do not be too good to them.They will start combing your hair.
3.Thirdly try not to do so much favour for them.Then they will take everything for granted.
4. Do not borrow them your things often.When there is a first time then there will be a second
5.Do not tell all your secrets to them.
6.Lastly do not tell everyone that she/he is your official mate

I just kind of summarise all this.So i'm not sure whether its working.Maybe i must start practicing the values to avoid being hurt by another one of my closest.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Lets take a closer look at my face
me n my guitar

Monday, April 02, 2007


Have anyone in this world wondered how hectic a life of a MGS student??????

Pimples punctuated every corner of my forehead. That is one symptom of stress.

I wonder how horrible my face will look like in two years time when i'm sitting for another important exam!!!!

Aaaarghhhhhhhhhh!!! Conclusion:Life of a student sucks.

Can the time move slower????

Loaded with projects and assignment i barely got time to even comb my hair.I've been missing school often because i'm having a terrible flu and cough which actually resulted in minor asthma.Missing school do not help me get more rest but stress. The next day when i return to school i'll need to get all my previous work done if not ..................................

My history project is due on tomorrow but yet i still have time to update my blog cuz superb Ms Lilian Tang reminded me of my poor abandoned blog. Yesterday's 1st of April-Just went for Cheng Beng. Woke up at the crack of dawn and thought that we can finish it by noon.......................but we started our journey at 7.30a.m sharp(i checked my watch) and we reach Fairy Park at noon............its about four and a half hour and i might reach penang..................the traffic was terrible..........the worst one in life...............blaring horns of vehicles became the sound of mucis on that sound pollution but anyway its April Fool!!!!I totally got fool by chiang who said that she wanted to pass something to me and asked me to wait outside my house.............but at least i get to play someone else................i told mr choo that i'm moving to penang to study and he actually believed it.................he only get to realise it at night when he mesage me again...........who knows someone reminded him that its 1st of April.................

Monday, February 26, 2007

Welcome!!!Welcome!!!Just going to feed u with some updates.Chinese New Year had been over for quite some time but i'm a dweeb. And thats why now only i'm trying to update my blog. My frenz came to my house on the 2nd day of Chinese New Yearand it was awesome.Here are some of the pictures taken in my house.

Most sporting player v.2

Most sporting player v.1

Crowned most beautiful attire

Nanthini swallowing everything including the seed of the orange

Miss Fashionable had a hard time

Looks like leader of spring gals is panic

Time goes by so slowly,you've gonna complete it

Autumm team giving stupid answers

Spring girls cracking their head

Why is Nanthini smelling her foot on Chinese New Year?

Why is Divya spanking her ass?

Dancing queen

Come on!!!Smile to the camera