Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Young Victoria

So yeah!!I just finished watching The Young Victoria.Pretty good,I would say.Worth watching unless you're very much into British Royalty-which I am.

Friday, August 28, 2009


You know what's the most difficult thing when it comes to dealing with eczema???I would say its not the skin breaking part neither the fears when bath time approaches nor the agony that one has to undergo when anything(you name it) touches your skin.It's the self-esteem,the confidence that you very much lose every time the skin breaks and your hand gets scaly,rough and blistery.And the last thing you very much hope for is that the eczema doesn't spreads on obvious areas of your body.

I've eczema ever since I was five.Five!!!When other people my age get to hold soft toys, animals and barbie dolls,I was only allowed to play with Lego sets.At first,I wasn't really bothered with scaly skin and rough,wrinkled palmbut that was only true until people around me started taking notice.All of a sudden they sparked up conversations about my scaly palm and they seem so enthusiastic like its something new to them,something rare , something bizarre.

At first,I wasn't at all affected by it, but strange as it might sound, after 12 years I started feeling vulnerable.I started loosing the boost,the confidence that I used to have.It's all gone before I come to realize.

So three days ago ,I paid a visit to a dermatologist(at last).And now I'm undergoing steroid treatment.Yeah!!My eczema was so bad to the extent that I'm using steroid now.My skin has very much improved since then.And I haven't done this for an extemely long period of time.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just a few minutes ago,I was on the phone with Divya and she conveyed to me her fear for HINI.She also told me that rumours had it that a girl from our school- afternoon session had caught the virus.Truthfully,I'm not afraid.The fact that I'm an asthma patient should make me fear more of contradicting the virus.But I'm not an inch afraid or fear for it.I don't know why.But these days I'd been thinking very positively.But positive in a weirdest way.

I attempted thrice for the past three days to come up with a happy post-something to show that I'm ravenous and elated at least.My attempts were futile, so I'm going to stop trying.I'd decided that I'm just going to rant on with my dramatic stories and maybe one fine day (hopefully) , I'll come back writing a happy post.

It gets on my nerves that the weather is so unpredictable sometimes and for that I did not get to exercise this week.My sweat is so going to taste salty.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I didn't realise I was wearing a TOPSHOP to play tennis until today.Funny me!!!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Laughing out loud

Please take note that I'm no more affiliated to the prefectorial board any more.Which means that now I'll appreciate everyone addressing me as Pei Zhen not prefect ah.

So last Thursday was the last meeting and I can't believe I'd actually showed up.Anyway last Thursday was also the day that I'd heard the most ludicrous and inefficient thing in the world.Have you by any chance come across any authority who give you a warning letter and then the next day apologize and pull back the letter??I'd come across one.There the prefectorial board.

If you're wondering,they didn't pull back my warning letter as I failed to present my witnesses before the said date.What the heck????Witnesses.Its this some kind of court proceedings or what.You can easily bribe you friend and come up with witnesses.Isn't that simple???

Yeah, and I happen to come up with another evidence.Ivy and I are very much like critics so we prefer to sit right back.Often we were blocked by a group of tall,lanky prefects.Christina Gan, a girl about my height also prefers to sit at the back.So she was one of the many people who got wrongly accused.She managed to come up with five witnesses.My question now is :

1) Ivy and me are equally short.What are our chances??

Conclusion is that the secretary of the upcoming board needs to at least has the courtesy to lift their heavy ass and scans the room twice.

What a disgrace???

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Lately,I can't bring myself to write a happy entry.And it means that I'm still upset.That's why yesterday, I'd booked myself in for a facial session with ADONIS.And for the record,I'd actually stopped thinking throughout the session.It was miracle.I felt so serene,so tranquil and so pampered yesterday.I wasn't feeling upset,guilty nor angry.My emotional outrage was gone.The shoulder massage did the magic,I guess.

Moving on,I'd been doing a lot of thinking lately and I feel its time I get rid of all this superstitious and nonsensical thinking.And things that happen to me lately made me realised that sometimes it's better to not listen.It's better not to know so much because the fact hurts.Bringing yourself to face the truth will be heartbreaking.And feigning that nothing much happens will be a big lie.So why bother knowing the truth???A lesson that I'd learnt lately-start pretending.