Friday, March 26, 2010

The mood of blogging hasn't really kick these past few days if not weeks.

So yeah!!! I just had the most powerful  nap in three months.Naps just work wonders..Trust me..Since I'm already here, I might as well share something..If there's one significant difference in terms of routines between high school and college is the amount of naps I take in a week..Back in high school,it's nap every day.Some days naps could be as long as 4 hours,some days less..Now that I'm in college,I RARELY take naps..and if I do,I could only manage Friday evening. is Friday..and Friday is NAP took a nap and I'd the most disturbing dreams......dreams that are so questioning...dreams that I wish I could have slept on to know the outcomes...dreams that make me question about people I knew..I dreamt about my new classmates..

Speaking about classmates, I felt I'm getting along very well with them.(keeps my fingers crossed)

And after an immensely long time, I really feel like studying.Studying which means going back to my old routine of strict 3 hours a day.

And I'm starting to despise the virtual world that I used to dislike back in high school,love it when college started and now in the process of despising it..

On another note,seeing my close friend in class, Sue, blogs make me feel like I should stop blogging..Her blog is so personal and happy..Perusing her blog is almost like reading happy things blog.She might sounds depressing in some of her post,but just the layout and the entire blog that just lights you up and you finally realise a crack in your smile once you're done reading.That personal touch..hard to decipher..Hahaha.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Yes or No????

You know how it feels like to start acclimatizing in a new place,new environment and then all of a sudden you are forced to go back to a place you dreaded so much...A place filled with so much memories to cherish and ponder..Memories that jog into your memory every now and then and memories that you wish you could leave behind and move on..

So yeah!!!!I half-expectedly reckon that going back to school would be fun.I was real estatic.But when the day finally arrived,and I finally walked into the school,I felt nothing.All of a sudden,it just seems like I'm walking into a place so foreign,I can barely recognize the feeling.

And today I finally realised, that when you are already part of something new or perhaps still embarking on a journey into being part of  something extraordinary,the past is just history.And history is not meant to be repeated.

Ask me now if I would want to go back to high school.The answer is a big NO.It's too late.I'd decided and  hopped into a new cab which will ride me through another extraordinary journey......

Till then,

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm not elated nor ravenous about my results.I'm neither happy nor sad too.My results are mediocre because academically I'm mediocre too.So no complaint!!!

So yeah!!10A's including (GCE) and a B+ for English for Science and Technology(EST).It's damn not worth it..but no complains though

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Last Thursday

The last time I recalled having this adrenaline rush was three years back.And I certainly remember blogging about this too..Three years later,I'm experiencing the same rush all over again.

Today,4th March 2010,Thursday will officially be the last Thursday before my life changed.


Regardless of whether its good or bad(bad for sure) life will change somehow.Somehow or rather,I can't get my thoughts out today..but one thing's for sure