Wednesday, July 14, 2010


1.I'm having a really BAD mood swing now...CHRONIC!!! I rarely have mood swings but yeah, I guess it's
  okay to have it once in a while.

2. On the other note, I should be studying right now with trials approaching in a month or two, and not striding my fingers across the keyboard.Instead ,I'd basically wasted the whole night watching a good episode of Grey's and perusing some really good royalty articles.

3.  And for the first time following the weeks after college commences, I feel vulnerable. I feel like going back to the enjoying college part.. And like I say, I'm having very bad mood swings today and my senses aren't right.

4.  Whilst I'm on the topic of mood swings, I really feel like having few good strokes of tennis NOW!! Right
     now at 10.30 p.m..

5. My knees hurt like hell..the aftermath of playing swift tennis.

6. My eczema palms are getting from bad to worst and I'm going back to steroids.The itchiness and the splitting of the skin is driving me to a frigging POINT!!!

7. My college mates need to start believing that I'm not studying TOO hard. In an attempt to influence them to study, I end up  beingly knowned as the source of stress....hhahah..FAILED PLAN..but it's up to them to believe my motives though.


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