Monday, August 20, 2007


Wow!!!!Its been like a decade since i update this blog. Seriously i can't even remember my password when i log in. Tried a few times before getting it through. Lately i'v been so ravenous.I don't know why. But i'm extremly tired too-thinking about my PMR which is just around the corner and i'm only pulling up my socks.We are now in the midst of the third semester break-can't remember whether its a third semester break or the second.Anyway i dun bother about holidays.To me holidayis just a period time where students like me and u love to laze around creating havoc and sleeping till daytime.Honestly i think that holidays are just a waste of time.I bet everone disagrees with that but still there are some that actually agrees with me.Aaaaargggggghhhhhh!!!Holiday is not as bad as what i mention..............Try to catch up with some old friends then u will not find holiday as boring as what i mention.