Monday, July 07, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Whoosh!!!It actually took me several minutes to connect to this blogger. I'm going to be doom damn darn. My exams are like a week or so from now. Frankly speaking, I have not even touch my books. I guess I'm going to do a lot of nibbling nowadays.

Moving on to a much rapturous side.

My baby brother (n0 more a baby already)is turning 14 today. Seeing as he is in school right now, I grab this golden opportunity to blog a little about him before he put a STOP to all this nonsense.

He is definitely a dream come true brother. He is my one and only sibling. Depressing right!!! He is handsome, cute and at the same time he's charming. He has this profound ability of making people engulfing him feeling superb and splendid. Believe it or not he actually has 10 pet sis. Unfortunately he is not a book worm and not an avid reader like my dad however he inherits my dad's brain and manages to score in flying colours even though he prefers studying last minute. Though at times he is provoking but he has got this smile that melts every girls heart.The list will goes on. But the truth is that he is a wonderful son,a great student and an amazing brother.

By the way 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA' !!!!!!!!

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