Monday, February 26, 2007

Welcome!!!Welcome!!!Just going to feed u with some updates.Chinese New Year had been over for quite some time but i'm a dweeb. And thats why now only i'm trying to update my blog. My frenz came to my house on the 2nd day of Chinese New Yearand it was awesome.Here are some of the pictures taken in my house.

Most sporting player v.2

Most sporting player v.1

Crowned most beautiful attire

Nanthini swallowing everything including the seed of the orange

Miss Fashionable had a hard time

Looks like leader of spring gals is panic

Time goes by so slowly,you've gonna complete it

Autumm team giving stupid answers

Spring girls cracking their head

Why is Nanthini smelling her foot on Chinese New Year?

Why is Divya spanking her ass?

Dancing queen

Come on!!!Smile to the camera