Monday, November 09, 2009

New doesn't always means good

I very much adore the fact that there's only 9 days left for the 'DAY'.The reason is of course not because I'm ready for it.I'm not ready and I'll never will be ready for it.Give me another month,another year and my answer will still be not ready.The fact is obvious-I'm never perfect,I'm a mediocre and I disguise it.I dislike it to the very end.

I dream so much.My blog's moniker is 'DARE TO DREAM'.I have such high hopes,such high aims which are almost impossible to accomplish.No more mansions,no more air-conditioned latrines.I want Prince Harry now.Can you believe it???How your fantasies can bring you so far sometimes???And I'm adamant that Prince Harry is not another celebrity crush.I'm already living in a virtual world.So my point is that,I have such vast,huge dreams but nil efforts.So how now????

Major exam in 8 days to be accurate and no extra efforts.

And by the way new doesn't always means good.