Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Welcome back :)

Let me start by saying that I have no idea how I plucked this inspiration to blog suddenly!!!
I've been procrastinating this for a while. I recalled how frequent I used to blog from weekly,sometimes daily, monthly and now hardly never! It's a strange mixed feelings sitting here at 11.25 pm on a Tuesday night ready to spill my life since my last post dated January 19.

I have NO idea how I'm going to do this. Seeing that my blog had been partially inactive for a while now, I'm assuming hardly anyone reads anymore. That being said, I'll try my arduous best to convey 9 months worth of story here.

Year 2 Law School
Yes! As the title suggests, I survived Year 1 Law School and as of current I'm in week 5 of Year 2. Time flies. Law school had been interestingly fun thus far but I somehow know what to expect in the upcoming months. There's nothing much I could add since I'm only in week 5.
On the other hand, Year 1  was an incredible rollar-coaster ride. That 6 months had taught me a lot not only academically wise but mentally. The rushing of assignment (ensuring it's in the confines of the accepted plagiarism level), the last minute studying, sleepless nights, mooting, working with Amnesty for law awareness week, etc. It was a bitter-sweet experience but it was worth enduring and I believe every law student will have their story to tell. That being said, the truly amazing part of law school was meeting new people and making friendships!! And since we're on this topic, let me introduce some of my good acquaintances that had been with me through the ups and downs of my uni life!!

From L-R : Tasha, me, Joanna , Anis

Only missing Chewie (Chee hui) and CCY in the picture. LOL !! :) Thank you girls for the birthday surprise and for everything you have all done to me.

I had been going through some rough times lately and also for the past couple of months. But the people who really did stick by me through thick and thin and through everything is 'THE FAMILY'. LOL. I'm pretty sure that a loyal reader of mine or any close friends of mine will know where I'm leading to. Without further duo, let me introduce the people whose kindness, sincerity and friendship goes without saying.
From L-R : CCY, Chia Li, me , Melanie & Kelvin

We had our annual family trip to Redang this year. And we were having such great time there  so much so that at the end of the trip we realized we barely took any photographs hahaha :) I'd seen betrayal in friendships and I've been through one myself and that makes me appreciate them more than ever. 

Of work
I had almost 4 good months of holidays after my year 1 exams. So the first 2 months, I took time off for a vacation with the 'family' (aforementioned), spend some time with my parents, did almost all the catching up with the bestie, exercise, gym, eat, shop and basically everything that amounts to money wastage lol. But it was fun. And then comes end of July, I got seriously worried with my slumping habits, and with almost all my good friends being attached as interns to good company, I too decided to start working. I went on Job Street and browse through the jobs. It wasn't long before I stumbled on a  centrewith a vacant position. I got the job instantly but I was only required to fill in on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays night. Which leaves me with a lot of time to slump!!! 

I got a teaching job and the nature of the job was what drew my attention in the first place. I always wanted to teach. I always have this passion of sharing what I knew and it gives me joy when someone understands what I conveyed. I'd been a student for a considerable part of my life and for once I wanted to experiment how it feels like to be the teacher. I deal with kids as young as 4 yrs old. And if you ever think it was an easy ride, THINK again. Trust me, teaching is not as fun as you think. It comes with lots of patience and passion to drive you to work. But believe me once you get the hang of it, you're somehow into it. I felt the responsibility that comes with the job. Even on days when I have to attend a really important dinner, I politely declined my attendance because I can't bear to leave the kids without a teacher even for a night. 

And then comes August, I got a call one fine day when I was in the gym from a company ( whom I send my resume a few months back) and they offered me a temporary position for 2 months. Great!! The first thing that came to my mind was " How am I gonna cope with 2 jobs?" But I can't leave my teaching job simply because it doesn't pay as well as my day job. And what about the kids?
It's probably not suitable for me to discuss the nature of my day job here for I'd signed confidentiality agreement. But all I can say is that my day job had painted a brighter picture for my future. It wasn't an attachment or anything but I'm inclined and somehow intrigued to pursue in this course of line.
Hence for the 2 months from August till the start of my Year 2 terms, I juggled between 2 jobs and just to prove my point that people should not find excuses to not exercise, I run 4 km almost everyday!!!

This people go without saying. I'd spent a good 7 years of my life with them and counting counting counting.(fingers crossed). We spent every birthday, every festive season together and though we don't see each other everyday and sometimes hardly a month, our friendship bonds are as strong as ever. 

Lynn, Shankry & me

That's basically 9 months worth of story. I'd been through difficult times for the past few weeks. But I know I'll pull through it. I believe everything's gonna be fine. I believe the people in my life and most importantly God will bring me through this. There might be people who had let me down throughout this 9 months but I'm ready to let go. Let it be that the letting go as the first step towards forgiveness.  It might be very tiring but I'm ready to embark on a new chapter of my life leaving the people who had never once see me as a friend.

A very super-duper good friend of mine is going through some really difficult times too. If you're reading this, I wish to tell you that I believe that you'll figure things out and pull things through soon. And I wanna say that I and we all will always be there for you :)

p/s : all pics are courtesy of Mel, Chia li & everyone else except me 
Omgosh its so late alrdy. I have tutorials first thing tomorrow morning and I missed my TVB drama :(

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I wont give up

Once, I was so adamant , so certain that I'll stop blogging. Stop sharing my rants and vexation!!! I was going through some of the entries through the years and  realised how I so very emotional if not ridiculous in my blog. Perhaps it feels so much better spilling things out in writing in times when you can't find the right words to describe.

The past few weeks of 2012 came harsh to me. But I'm proud of myself,in fact blessed for the certain fact that I'd endured what I pledged to do. That explains the mixture of feelings whilst I'm running my fingers through the keyboard now.

I took time off to reflect on myself lately.A while ago, I decided it was essential to sit back and reflect on the things I have done- the good, the bad and etc. I find this works in a way to keep me back on the right track. Of course, I need no reminder of how mean I am to people lately. I feel bad. I do, we all do.

More importantly, I sat for my very first exam in uni. It was horrific!! And I mean it. I'm not kidding you. This is not another scenario of my school or college exam that I proclaimed I'd done appallingly. This time round I really really MEANT it.I'm not playing humble this time round. I felt embarassed coming out of the exam venue. I felt the shame.A strange sort of shame I'd never experienced before. I felt like I'd let the whole world down. My parents especially.I'd never in any way felt so inadequate in my life before.Maybe its time for me to learn how to handle a really bad fall. Perhaps I shouldnt be so harsh on myself but I do really think I did badly. :( :( :(

For better or for worst, I'll take it as it comes. But what I'm adamant of, is that I'll do all I could to not stray out of the path and the principles I held on to all these years. And I'll never give up on things even if it's not something I yearned for.Because at least I know at the end of the day, I'm doing it for 2 people who meant life to me-my parents and that's enough reason to do it. :)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

HAPPY 2012

Why is it so difficult for me to string my sentences these days? For the past 10 minutes, I'd been typing and deleting then typing and backspacing again.Perhaps my passion for blogging did wear out. But that's not the point. The point is I promised one last entry before 2012. And this will be it.

I do have a lot to share, I'll probably give you the shrunken version of stories lest I'll be blamed for boring you out before I even started.I'm spending my final hours of 2011 in the comforts of my room, with my favourite tunes playing in the background, embracing and soaking in the joy of the few last hours before I call it a year.

2011 has been one of the most amazing years in my life. Despite enduring some difficult hurdles especially towards the end of this year, I dare say that this year has make me more happy and jubilant than ever. The moments and memories I spent with my loved ones and my friends are those I'll cherish at every point of my life. There were times this year,that I was left in huge doubts and queries about things. But things had taken off since then and had turned out quite well if not wonderful.But mostly, I thank God for all the answered and unanswered prayers.

I wouldn't say this year was easy. But the outcomes were definitely worth the pain. I learnt a lot and I'm not sure whether it did mould me to be a better person. But I'm pretty sure it taught me life lessons, things that you can't acquire from just merely reading. I am my father's daughter. I don't believe in success without struggles and I certainly don't believe in getting something and somewhere and not working hard for it. At times, I think I tried too hard to be on par with my dad. But there's no way my struggles and hurdles were anywhere near his. I lived a fairly comfortable life and every second I thought of giving up all I have to do is to close my eyes and run my dad's story again and again. If he can do it so can I.

It was a long long journey. An unbelievable one in fact. In the beginning half of this year, I was still in college getting all anxious and jittery about A levels. And then towards the end, I'm already one term done with university. It's daunting how swift time passes. It's even more daunting to see your good friends leaving this country to further their education. There are times when I broke down just because of how things had shaken up so much, how its no longer the same like before and how I'm forced to adapt and acclimatize with these new changes and move on. There were also times when people had doubt me. And of late I chose to put these people on a secluded area in my life. I'll not in any way be demotivated by people who tried to put me down.

All for all, I'm all good now (fingers crossed). Getting along pretty well with my uni mates. Indeed it's a blessing to have them in my life. To be honest, I was pretty sad on the last day of the term.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be at one of my good friend's farewell party and was again reminded by how God has so greatly put these wonderful people in my life. I hope no one leaves but it always happen at some point of our life. People moving in and out of our life. But altogether I'll never forget how united we all were and will for as long as it last. You people are the most inspiring people I've met in my life and I applaud all of you for the strength and courage in every possible ways.

I wished everyone a Happy 2012!!!  May everyone be happy in 2012!! Cheers

And with that, I now sentence my blog to a hiatus until further notice. Heheehe

p/s Speaking about 2011, there was this little teeny resolution that did not come true for me. Perhaps it wasn't that important after all :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011


So Blogger had a new layout.Is it just me or had it been here for quite some time already??

October had been a great month!! Besides successfully completing a 2 months attachment with UMW(much to everyone disbelief), I'd the opportunity to attend a dream come true concert. :) And did I mention I'd the best birthday party ever!!!
1 dream down, 1 more to go

One of the happiest month and moments of my life came to an end (unfortunately) to a new sorrow beginning of my much not anticipated education life. So yeah!!After the much deserved 3 months break,I was really looking forward to going back to academics. The initial enthusiasm makes the first few weeks bearable. And then the work starts piling up and with things accelerating ,I felt I'm starting to lack way behind schedule. Now I yearn for more break!!

The whole process of settling in and adapting and making friends wasn't easy either. I am somehow blessed and thankful that I've a few good college friends with me and that makes adapting much easier as compared to the intital stage of college days. Although I'm not too sure I could grow much closer to anyone in class like how I did with my college mates. I could very much tell on my first month in college that we'll grow closer together as a class and yeah my instincts turn out right. I'd make not only good but best friends which I'm looking forward to share my future with!!! But this time round, I'm not too sure:( I truly understand that it takes time to settle in and build a friendship based on mutual trust and understanding. And I shall go along with whatever that comes.

I know its too early to say this but things had been going quite well for me this year. Although the month of November can prove quite challenging,I have the utmost faith that I'll somehow survive. I have one last thing in mind to achieve before the end of this year.Perhaps it's not too convenient to say it down here and I half-heartedly reckon it will work but let's hope for the best :) If it works,it'll be the ultimate way to wrap up and call it the most amazing year thu far of my life!!!

p/s Downton Abbey is getting better and better!!!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Time of my life

It's been more than a month since my last entry. Truthfully things have changed quite a lot since my last nothing-to-do-for-fun-prison post!!!Since then I've

1. Started working  
You read it right. Jocularity aside,YEAH I'm now sorta financially independent for two months.It means I can go out and buy as much necklaces and jewelleries I want within my financial boundary without feeling guilty.I survived a month and one more month to go.On another note,work is not particularly fun.It's hectic if you would ask for my honest opinion.But with nice, pleasant people who so willingly guided me through the one month,I did learn a lot.After all, my idea of working is not the matter of $$$ but rather the experience!!!Although my job is zero applicable in whatever I'm pursuing in uni, it's just the whole experience of working in a mundane office like environment that tells me to NEVER work in front of computers 24/7 in the future.Moreover my job now that requires me to deal with lots of figures would be my last and perhaps my final chance to be doing anything serious with numbers!!!

2. Gotten my results,of course      
There's nothing much to say about it.Just one thing,I did fulfill my uni offers.Sigh!!Relief!!!

3. Become more fussy and tedious
Being fussy and neat and proper and systematic is the last thing anyone would've expected from me.I'm that sort of person who can't even decipher my own notes -.-!!!Everyone is cordially invited to take a look at my study table and deduce for yourself!!!But 1 month, ONE friggin' month damn well taught me lots.I'm now super particular about how you should stapler a stack of papers.It must be straight and 1 cm away from the edge.That tedious you see!!!I even make an effort to start work early to arrange the files in all 4 vast cupboard.Tell me about it!!!And on my last day of work,I shall convey to my boss about the files cabinet being too high out of reach.Laugh, I know I'm short but mind you I've to wear  3 inch heels everyday and tip-toe and with that I'm only being able to reach the TIP of the highest portion of the cabinet.It's discrimination against the short and I'm not the only person having trouble reaching the files.I see people jumping to put back the files and when you finally slid in that one file you took, the other files will decide to play DOMINO on you.

That's basically a month and more worth of story from me. Happy perusing!!

As for this week,it feels like the longest I had!!Lots of things happened and if you care enough to come and ask me personally,I'll tell you!!Not good stuff though.Perhaps I would say it's one of the hardest I'd endure after a very long time.I'm still in the process of taking in and swallowing things and fully digesting the whole thing.It's times like this,I wish I could lean on someone and stop being strong and happy on the outside.I'm distracting myself with things and I think that would be the fastest way out to not ponder about things anymore.

On a lighter note,my college friends are coming down to my place tomorrow which is something jolly to be celebrated after one hell of a hectic week. I'm bringing them for a makan makan trip and maybe act tour guide in the one mall all Klang-ians go to!!!I hope I don't disappoint.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Anders Breivick

He's pretty renowned right now.So if you haven't heard of him, I suggest Google!!

Read,ponder and do bear with my vexation below

If my figures are accurate he had taken 76 lives to date & many others still missing.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Of Pride&Prejudice and a touchy article!!

I promise this will be a short one for I've to shower and get ready to walk that mall again.I swear one day if someone was to blindfold me,spin me around, take me on a merry-go-round, in that mall,I could still find my way.

The month of August is fast approaching, and there are two things I'm particularly worry and jubilant about.
2. Birthdays

I'd recalled saying how much I love the month of March,August,November & December for all my good & best friends were born in the month. And this time round, I hope I can come out with something really pleasant for two really good friends of mine.Ahem..You know who you guys are!!! Perhaps to early to say, but I hope I don't disappoint!!
And on a more sombre note, whether you like it or detest it, whatever mixture of feelings you endure, the results will still be out!!! Just so you know


But on a more happy chapter, I finally ended my Pride&Prejudice drama marathon yesterday. And oh I couldn't tell you how much I love ,love that show!!! Although I much prefer the 1995 version compared to the 2005. The only downside in the 1995 version is the character portraying Jane Bennet wasn't as much prettier than Elizabeth Bennet and the whole cast wasn't as good looking as the 2005 version EXCEPT for Mr Darcy who was played by 


Colin Firth will and should  always be remembered as the only Mr Darcy!!!

I was wrong about this being a short one because I've got one more thing to touch. You know every time people shares a link on Facebook or Twitter or etc,I'll just shrug it off unless its of a close acquaintance.But lately, I've been perusing and watching a lot of shared links , firstly out of boredom and secondly I find it entertaining.A constant and loyal reader of Daily Mail myself, I try my arduously best to read every article that is.And so I stumbled across this article yesterday and I can't help but feel the lump in my throat and tears already welling in my eyes.I'm not going to go any further on this article for all of you have to read it for yourself. Here's the link .