Friday, September 02, 2011

Time of my life

It's been more than a month since my last entry. Truthfully things have changed quite a lot since my last nothing-to-do-for-fun-prison post!!!Since then I've

1. Started working  
You read it right. Jocularity aside,YEAH I'm now sorta financially independent for two months.It means I can go out and buy as much necklaces and jewelleries I want within my financial boundary without feeling guilty.I survived a month and one more month to go.On another note,work is not particularly fun.It's hectic if you would ask for my honest opinion.But with nice, pleasant people who so willingly guided me through the one month,I did learn a lot.After all, my idea of working is not the matter of $$$ but rather the experience!!!Although my job is zero applicable in whatever I'm pursuing in uni, it's just the whole experience of working in a mundane office like environment that tells me to NEVER work in front of computers 24/7 in the future.Moreover my job now that requires me to deal with lots of figures would be my last and perhaps my final chance to be doing anything serious with numbers!!!

2. Gotten my results,of course      
There's nothing much to say about it.Just one thing,I did fulfill my uni offers.Sigh!!Relief!!!

3. Become more fussy and tedious
Being fussy and neat and proper and systematic is the last thing anyone would've expected from me.I'm that sort of person who can't even decipher my own notes -.-!!!Everyone is cordially invited to take a look at my study table and deduce for yourself!!!But 1 month, ONE friggin' month damn well taught me lots.I'm now super particular about how you should stapler a stack of papers.It must be straight and 1 cm away from the edge.That tedious you see!!!I even make an effort to start work early to arrange the files in all 4 vast cupboard.Tell me about it!!!And on my last day of work,I shall convey to my boss about the files cabinet being too high out of reach.Laugh, I know I'm short but mind you I've to wear  3 inch heels everyday and tip-toe and with that I'm only being able to reach the TIP of the highest portion of the cabinet.It's discrimination against the short and I'm not the only person having trouble reaching the files.I see people jumping to put back the files and when you finally slid in that one file you took, the other files will decide to play DOMINO on you.

That's basically a month and more worth of story from me. Happy perusing!!

As for this week,it feels like the longest I had!!Lots of things happened and if you care enough to come and ask me personally,I'll tell you!!Not good stuff though.Perhaps I would say it's one of the hardest I'd endure after a very long time.I'm still in the process of taking in and swallowing things and fully digesting the whole thing.It's times like this,I wish I could lean on someone and stop being strong and happy on the outside.I'm distracting myself with things and I think that would be the fastest way out to not ponder about things anymore.

On a lighter note,my college friends are coming down to my place tomorrow which is something jolly to be celebrated after one hell of a hectic week. I'm bringing them for a makan makan trip and maybe act tour guide in the one mall all Klang-ians go to!!!I hope I don't disappoint.