Monday, July 21, 2008


My mind is drifting off.I tried to put a 100% concentration on what my Math's teacher was saying however I can hardly decipher even half of what she said. I stared dreamily at the apple green curtains in my class. Fractions of event happening last Saturday was still vivid in my mind. I see myself running up and down,serving kuih,and carrying a heavy Tupperware. Rhenu who sat beside me was getting her Add Maths homework done. I dissolved into my iritating habit by using a pen and poking Rhenu's hand.

And then something struck me.The word KING KONG flashed in like a bulb.It was then I decided to play with that word. Alright before this I'd never knew that KING KONG was a male. I thought it can be a male or a female. How nil my knowledge is????
Pei Zhen: Rhenu you know what is KING KONG'S mother's name?
Pei Zhen: Ma Kong
Pei Zhen: Pa Kong
Pei Zhen: Baby
Pei Zhen: Da da Kong
Rhenu: Why must it be Da da Kong?
Pei Zhen: the word sort of like appears in my mind
Pei Zhen: King Kong's wife will be Kong King

By then, Rhenu was already laughing like a Kong King. Alright quite lame right my joke.

Jocularity aside, all the Form Fours' and Form Threes' will be sitting for a diagnostic test for maths and science.The objectives of this test is generally about testing one's profiency in answering questions in English language. From what I thought, some of the teachers should be sitting for this test first.

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