Friday, September 25, 2009

Pangkor Version II

Now that I'm back from Golden Sand(another name for Pangkor),I really need to concentrate on shedding some serious weight.Second time round and I can tell you that the excitement and energy were still hard to bear.We chose to accommodate in the same resort,the mere fact that it's posh and they have beautiful,private beaches(ignore the total damage caused).You know when I say private beaches,it means that you don't share it with outsiders.For instance,If you happen to go to Penang,even in the most expensive hotels outsiders can just walk in and use the beach.And that explains why they have dirty beaches.In this resort however,outsiders are not allowed and you can't just walk in.You have to endure a 30-minutes ferry ride to get there and the ferry rides are exorbitant and exclusive.Outsiders wouldn't want to endure long,expensive ferry rides.That explains it.

Another obvious reason why I'd chose this resort is that you can't go anywhere.The point is that you got nowhere to go.It's an island and the only mode of transport is a ferry.You feel like you're in a foreign,new and not so 'Malaysiaish' place.You see 'mat sallehs' ' everywhere,every corner.The fact that they walk around naked bring you further away.However this is only true until you see 'nasi lemak' for breakfast.

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I didn't get a chance to tell you about my previous trip right there.But taking another journey down memory lane was hard to resist, too hard that I'd almost cried on the last night of our stay.I learnt myriad things:-ride a bicycle,play ping-pong.

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