Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hey!!!Its 2.00 a.m by the way.My fingers are still striding gracefully across the keyboard. My brother had been asleep for quite some time.I'm not really sleepy yet so I thought I'll pay a visit to my blog.School's awesome and we're still in the midst of our Chinese New Year break.

Just out of the sudden,I feel like I should stop trying so hard. One thing that distinguishes me from any other person is that I don't and will never feel discourage so easily.I work hard into chasing my dreams and pour every single effort in accomplishing them.But sometimes I get so knocked out and exhausted and feel like I should just stop trying so hard and act according to the situation.But I follow my instincts so much that I'm so persistent and stubborn to revamp what I'm doing.Of course,I absolutely love what I'm doing right now:-studies,tennis and swimming.Sometimes I feel that its artificial and I don't really have that talent.Take tennis for example-I'm very aware I don't really have this sport genes and no matter how much I try I won't go far.But I kept on trying and I feel like right now I just need to STOP!!!

As in really STOP!!!I'll reconsider about playing competitive tennis and maybe I should just stick to swimming after all.


Saturday, January 17, 2009


How would you feel when you have a cousin who flew back all the way from Australia just to unite with you??? It might seem like a joyous news to everyone but to me I don't feel an inch elated or enthusiastic about it.Her presence doesn't bother me a bit.My life revolves as scheduled:-I go to school,come back,take my bath and eat.On the contrary, my brother was extra jubilant when he heard she was coming down to visit.He did something like a mini countdown every night before he went to bed.Peculiar right.

During the younger days of my life,I used to be very close with her.We were almost inseparable whenever she comes and visits.I grew , she grew.People changes.That's a fact.Maybe its also partly due to the fact of our age gap.She grew and started becoming closer to my brother instead of me.

However I'm really adamant that a time will come where she'll grow and our relationship might progress into a much excellent and satisfying state.But there's one thing I get very elated every time she visits:-I get to use all her cool gadgets.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not Really

If you were to count and total up the number of mere acquaintances I'd known, you'll be weary and out breath once you get your job done.However if you were about to count the number of super super very very close acquaintances I had, you'll just get it done within seconds.I'm adamant that I knew myself better than anyone does.I choose my friends.It doesn't mean that I'll rather hang out with someone whose parents are wealthier or a person who is smarter.Till now I find it rather difficult to communicate with everyone or in simple words I don't feel comfortable with everyone.

Honestly speaking ,I went through six years of primary schooling with only one friend and that particular person was my best friend.So its kind of hard for both of us to accept the fact when each of us went to a different path.That's not my point.My point is I still find it very impossible to detach with someone so close to me after undergoing a very concrete relationship.

Friday, January 09, 2009


Look I've got completely no intention of transforming my blog into becoming a site for spreading Buddhism.As long as I can recalled,I had never mentioned anything about my religion in the past.Few minutes ago,I was just browsing through some pro Buddhist website and peruse through some really inspiring articles.I might seem to everyone even my friends to be a very normal Buddhist-a Buddhist who doesn't visits the temple regularly,a Buddhist who doesn't know where Gautama was born.Even it would not be a surprise if I tell you that my parents were not aware of how much Buddhism articles I'd read.

Frankly I can tell you that I'm not really familiar with Mandarin and Kantonis.So that leaves me with English.The problem is you can barely find any Buddhist books written in English here in Klang Valley.Its rather difficult.You can find tonnes of those in Kuala Lumpur but tell me how often you visit the temples there.Its my bad too as I can't decipher Mandarin.

I'm in opinion of that a true and sacred Buddhist is not the one who visits the shrine regularly,holding an incense and bowing down to the Buddha statues but rather the one that practices noble qualities in their everyday life.You don't need to visit the temple to be a good Buddhist.As long as you keep on practicing good and noble values in your life you'll always be a great person in Buddha's list.

I believe in Karma and I believe that every action you do today will affect you later on in your life.I feel so serene in front of the altar and the burning incense never fails to comfort me.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I'm or I'm not

I was swirling and dancing across my room with a black velvet dress.It was my first time wearing the dress after getting it from Miss Selfridge a year ago.Though the tight bodice suffocated me ,I made zero attempt in removing the attire.I reflected myself for the very last time and nodded for agreement.I grabbed my miniature handbag and stuffed my cell phone inside.Minutes later I found myself staring at someone so familiar.She craned her neck and both of us gawked in disbelief.

"Oh my gosh.You look totally as in totally different"
"Yeah you too".

We clung hands and walked into the Japanese.The lavish interior made both of us gasped and there were familiar murmurs that were getting clearer as we made our way in.There we were greeted by almost everyone we knew.

The incident aforementioned clearly described the happening of a class reunion.Its been years since we'd parted and each of us went to a different path.All of a sudden this whole event flashes back to me.I felt vulnerable thinking about the times we bid goodbye and comforting each other that we'll kept in touch.After all,Sri Lethia once seemed like a second home to me.I spent almost a decade there and as a person with feelings I still felt the lost.

I'm getting emotional day by day.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I haven't been holding a pen for like months.School commences tomorrow which means that depression is about to kick in anytime.Hahah.I'm just joking.Seriously honestly I'm not ready for school.Few weeks back I was so enthusiastic to go back to school because SCHOOL=FRIENDS.
But right now after meeting up with Ivy, Yenn and Rhenu recently,I'm not really looking forward to school tomorrow.Its going to be a hectic year ahead.I bet tomorrow going to be a very sleepy day for everyone.