Monday, November 24, 2008


Yeah!!I actually did make a vow to lead a more healthy lifestyle during these holidays.But now here I am already driving myself to break the vow.I had the whole plan of my holidays mapped out here on my head a fortnight ago.

And after two weeks ,I don't seem to be doing anything beneficial or important.In fact,I started lacking in myriad things like for example opting not to attend BM tuition.No offence,I felt that not learning BM will not leave a huge impact in your live later on.Compared to English.Vast comparison.

So right I'm going to renew my vows again today.I'll make sure in the coming fortnight me, Tan Pei Zhen will be doing something more positive in my life.Actually I guess I will.I signed up for a Buddhist Camp happening on th 11th till 14th December.First time-as usual very anxious and elated.

Remember I once said I had depression.Maybe its all illusion.Its just that my mind is playing tricks with my body.And maybe I'm a hypochondriac-a person who believes he/she suffers from some sort of illness when there is nothing wrong with them.Maybe that's all.

Speaking of being a hypochondriac insomnia is slowly very gently crawling back to me.

Wait a minute.

I'm going to give a loud shriek to scare insomnia.The mastermind to all this is your mind.Control it......................

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yeah.Rather than writing 'My holidays are mundane or My days are dreary' and continue ranting about how pathetic I felt during the holidays,I decided to take a meditation break.Yeah, so I'd been meditating lately.A lot.I felt so much more elated and my days are cheerful.So I guess this means I'm back.

Seeing as nothing extraordinary is going to take off during this holiday,I'd planned my entry very carefully.Today is one of the day where the mood of blogging didn't really kick in.But c'mon before my blog becomes static,I'd better do something to prevent it.

I was supposed to be posting this entry weeks back but the enthusiasts didn't really kick in , so I decided to bottle it up and spill it out later.So now here I am spilling out the contents of an old solution.

Pictionary.Who don't know the game of Pictionary? So yeah.It was one of the mundane days in school where teacher enters the class doing nothing and students laze around in an unproductive way.But I got really cool friends.The Great Foursome-we played Pictionary instead of doing what my classmates normally do-zzzzzzzzzzzzz....

The game started well and it was incredulously fun and splendid.I paired up with Rhenu whilst Yenn paired up with I-vie.Definitely the YI team was leading seeing that I cannot decipher half of what Rhenu is drawing.As usual any game played by The Great Foursome will never missed out any laughing moments.Any game.

What do you reckon this is? Rhenu drew this diagram and guess what I said. I dived into words like ' breast,no breast,armpit,no breast, no dot'.When I said no dot,Rhenu and I wasted half of the time bursting into peals of laughter rather than her trying to figure out what to draw and me trying to decipher what Ms Artistic is drawing.

The answer is:Flat

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Insomnia remedies

One that I find very interesting:

Learn and practice relaxation techniques

Slow down your breathing and imagine the air moving slowly in and out of your body while you breathe from your diaphragm.

Practice this during the day so that it's easy to do before you go to bed.

Program yourself to turn off unpleasant thoughts as they creep into your mind.

To do that, think about enjoyable experiences you've had.

Reminisce about good times, fantasize, or play some mental games. Try counting sheep or counting backward from 1,000 by 7s.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

So yeah!!This is my class T-shirt.Design and printing of the T-shirt is courtesy of Ms Tan Yenn Yenn whilst the words printed are brainstormed by all of us.All of us means the 'Great Foursome'. It was rather funny when we were arguing on the words that should be printed on the T-shirt.

After all the commotion four of us finally agreed on 'The Class of Bigmouths' .But hey Yenn I think 'The Class of Weirdos' will be more appropriate seeing that my class people are all weird.

We had our class party today in Pizza Hut.The number of people who turned up were rather pathetic.Weird people don't turn up for parties. Look 4 Dedikasi is having a really cool class party-They're having a picnic in Botanic Garden Park.So cool right!!!!Before we actually decided to have our class party in Pizza Hut, we actually did suggest a few places like:

1. Green Box
2. Theatre
3. Berkeley Corner(too bad not halal)

And I remembered someone suggested we had Bah Kut Teh seeing that our class is short of funds.Again weird people. I was like telling Rhenu that I wanted a very cool class party very dearly.So both of us started brainstorming. And then I was like:

Pz: Hey I've got a fab idea!!
Pz:OMG!!Its so cool.It'll be better than the 4 Dedikasi's wan.
Pz: Each of us bring some food then we party on the street in front of our school.

Hey c'mon partying on the street is not really a bad idea.Is it????

Monday, November 03, 2008


My whole class were supposed to write their ambitions in a piece of paper.Almost the whole class wrote their ambitions or rather their dreams in that paper.Ok,so we got the paper.

The Chemistry teacher was busy discussing some questions and making amendments. Rhenu and me began doing our KEPO job by browsing through other people's ambition.We laughed so hard till the Chemistry teacher shot us a stern look.Plus you know the way Rhenu laughed.You should know!!!

Here are some of the funny ambitions:
Amelia:Perdana Menteri,Ahli politik dan ahli arkeologi

Rhenu and me were like laughing and at the same time dragging the word we never finished the word ri.

Sri Dahinoor:
Brand manager(quite reasonable)
Model in Jamaica(hahahhahah)
Own a kingdom(hahahahh)

So Rhenu, me,Yenn and I-vie decided to write something stupid.Besides it doesn't matter because almost three quarter of the class were writing some sort of rubbish ambition.
So my ambition is to be a...Behold:
No 1. Tennis Player
Prince William's wife

Rhenu's one:
No 1 Tennis Player
Brand Manager
Politician's wife

I-vie and Yenn decided to write something more sensible.But I did recomend them to write soft cups analyser.I'll tell you what is soft cups in the next entry.

So I was like telling Rhenu.
me:Why do you want to be a politician's wife?
Rhenu: Cannot ah
me: Which politician?
Rhenu:Samy Vellu

So I wrote Samy Vellu's wife in Rhenu's column instead of politician's wife and passed it back.

I almost wrote Donald Trump's children.My ambition kay

I always say when you marry someone filthy rich you'll 'EAT GOOD,SLEEP GOOD,SHIT GOOD'.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


'Come on.Come on.Sleep.Pei Zhen,no more exams.SLEEP!!!!'
Its past 1a.m already and I'm still awake.Alright I did some breathing exercise and I resolved to sleep after that.
Guess what-I woke up at 7.30a.m.I woke up at 7.30a.m on a Sunday.I don't mind getting up at 7.30a.m for tennis or for school.But come on I woke up at 7.30am on a Sunday when I got no programs planned neither do I need to go to school.
I did my usual thing of switching my position of sleeping.I craned my neck and stared at my brother who was sleeping peacefully.And I go like 'HOW NICE IF I CAN SLEEP LIKE YOU'
I tried going back to sleep but I ended up staring at the ceiling till 9.30am.
I thought of enrolling myself into a yoga class.I'll try and ask my parents.