Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Anders Breivick

He's pretty renowned right now.So if you haven't heard of him, I suggest Google!!

Read,ponder and do bear with my vexation below

If my figures are accurate he had taken 76 lives to date & many others still missing.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Of Pride&Prejudice and a touchy article!!

I promise this will be a short one for I've to shower and get ready to walk that mall again.I swear one day if someone was to blindfold me,spin me around, take me on a merry-go-round, in that mall,I could still find my way.

The month of August is fast approaching, and there are two things I'm particularly worry and jubilant about.
2. Birthdays

I'd recalled saying how much I love the month of March,August,November & December for all my good & best friends were born in the month. And this time round, I hope I can come out with something really pleasant for two really good friends of mine.Ahem..You know who you guys are!!! Perhaps to early to say, but I hope I don't disappoint!!
And on a more sombre note, whether you like it or detest it, whatever mixture of feelings you endure, the results will still be out!!! Just so you know


But on a more happy chapter, I finally ended my Pride&Prejudice drama marathon yesterday. And oh I couldn't tell you how much I love ,love that show!!! Although I much prefer the 1995 version compared to the 2005. The only downside in the 1995 version is the character portraying Jane Bennet wasn't as much prettier than Elizabeth Bennet and the whole cast wasn't as good looking as the 2005 version EXCEPT for Mr Darcy who was played by 


Colin Firth will and should  always be remembered as the only Mr Darcy!!!

I was wrong about this being a short one because I've got one more thing to touch. You know every time people shares a link on Facebook or Twitter or etc,I'll just shrug it off unless its of a close acquaintance.But lately, I've been perusing and watching a lot of shared links , firstly out of boredom and secondly I find it entertaining.A constant and loyal reader of Daily Mail myself, I try my arduously best to read every article that is.And so I stumbled across this article yesterday and I can't help but feel the lump in my throat and tears already welling in my eyes.I'm not going to go any further on this article for all of you have to read it for yourself. Here's the link .

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For the past few days or so, I'd been playing dress-up with my blog,changing it's layout again and again.So after few of these sessions, I've finally make up my mind to settle on this.

I'm already starting to feel the boredom kicking in again even after 2 days of full blast excitement with my two bestest friend in the world.It was just one fine day,sometime last week that I just randomly suggested taking a short trip up to Genting.So yeah, not much planning after that we were finally there having so much fun,enjoying ourselves and chortling like we used to.

Happy family of three-Me,Lynn & Shankry

Look at the beautiful braid courtesy of Lynnette:)

I am in the midst of what is to become one of my longest education break in my life. Initially I look forward to the holidays yearning so much to unwind myself after the exams and the idea of finally having  time to do what I always love doing thrills me.But a fortnight into the holidays,I swear I've executed almost everything down my to-do-list which is meant to last for 3 months. Till date, I'd read 5 storybooks, watched and re- watched movies, walked the malls like I never did, eat,sleep,play,pray,wish,hope and dream. I even did a little art & craft during the holidays. I was so bored to the point that I need to remind myself how lucky and blessed I am.So I drew up a list of the amazing moments in my life , inspired by a picture from happy things tumblr!!

It will come as no surprise as to how much of a royal enthusiast I am. So this holiday,I discovered an online royal collection shop. And omg,I just melt and my heart just did a little somersault sort of thingy. So basically this online royal shop sells everything for you to plan a royalty tea/birthday party or other function.See what they have. See more here .
Royal carriage magnet as souvenir

One more happy note for myself-Westlife is coming to Malaysia.Like FINALLY!! These are the little little things that cheer me up but nothing cheers me up more than

One of the best English drama I've ever watch. Can't wait till the second season which is schedule to be released late this year!!!

Meanwhile,I'm keeping my hands crossed on getting this particular job.