Monday, June 28, 2010

It's 12.52 a.m now. I should probably be sleeping or at least try to sleep.But I made no attempts in both.Reasons being, lite fm is playing some really good music. School commences tomorrow and I'm pretty excited .I've got the rest I yearned for. Now, its finally time for me to push myself really hard!!! Easier said then done...

I love blogging.This is probably random but I love blogging. I've been a constant blogger for years and the passion never wears off.Maybe once or twice but I got over it eventually. Blogging gives me that measure of excitement, and adrenaline rush. I feel sincere, genuine and honest. Because it's much easier conveying honest opinions, thoughts and rants by writing rather than to a person, an individual. I love letting my thoughts run and my fingers doing the magic.Blogging to me is something that can be done when the mood kicks in. So of late , I've been perusing my older posts and at times I really want to go back to embrace that similar feeling, that similar excitement or sorrows I'd when writing it. And there's this particular one that I'll never forget how I wrote it from the place I wrote it to the fat ball of tears that wet my face. And I still feel emotional perusing it after such a long time.

That apart, I spend my holidays watching lots of movies and perusing  storybooks. And I know I sound really pathetic now.Hahahha..blame it on those sad romance movies!!!! Yeah and  I finally finished watching Grey's season 6. It was EPIC..

I felt  it's only a matter of time for me to do things that will bring me to the next chapter of my life.Yeah and the songs in lite fm are real good now and I can't bring myself to bed right now!!!! I miss Sue Ann:- random but again honest opinion.I miss Lynnette too.Lots of catching up to do.

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