Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I was shocked,stunned,amazed,surprised and devastated to lose one of my most essential element in school. I lost my tie. How can I ? I was trying superbly hard to recall what happen. Unfortunately all this hard thinking and praying are not working this time. The fact of me losing my tie and making a big haste all over it in school definitely reflects the slothful side of me.

I'm going to agreed with my mom the fact that I'm a lazy,sluggish and slothful person. Nevertheless, I'm always very careful with my things and tends to be extra gentle with things that are vital. I'm a responsible and accountable prefect which never leaves any important stuffs like name tag, blazer and my tie. And today marks my very first day of not having a tie on. I'd done a thorough search in my house,my room and even in the car nevertheless there is still no traces of my tie.

By the way why is youtube so freaking damn slow

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