Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pls Come Back

Alright it'll be totally ridiculous for my tie to come back to me. I'd rummaged around my whole house,my room and my dad's car. Nevertheless there is still no signs of my tie. I prayed earnestly hoping that God will miraculously make it appear back. Today marks the second day I'd lost my tie. It is so essential to retrieve back my tie. That tie means so much to me. I don't mind wearing someone else's tie and get over with this thing. But my instinct strongly tells me that my tie is somewhere near me.But where is it. I'd been going around the school telling all my friends about this tie incident. I'd put so much effort in the process about retrieving back my tie. I'd been daydreaming more than ever since I lost my tie. I'm not being myself anymore since I lost my tie. I think I'm going to start printing leaflets and brochures seeking the public to help me find my forlorn tie.'s ludicrous. I lost my tie after school. I did not lose it in school.

Tomorrow my group will be doing the EST project. I hope everything will be fine tomorrow. I lost my lucky T.

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