Saturday, August 30, 2008


My superstitious thoughts are driving me to insanity. Look I'd been losing a lot of my personal items lately. Is it like this is the losing season or what???

Alright followers of my blog will realise that I just bade goodbye to my Lucky T several weeks ago. Although there were still no traces of my tie anywhere around my vicinity, I'm still very adamant that I'll be reunited back with my Lucky T.

Just yesterday, I lost my watch. I mean not the whole watch.Its like the strap of the watch. I'd guess I lost it when I was changing for the drama. When I was trying to remove the shirt, I guessed I gave a hard pull and thump!!! the strap went missing. And you know how preposterous is it to find the small object in a mess of clothes.Craned my neck, shook my head disapprovingly and headed off the scene.

And then just a few weeks ago-no last week during the holidays. Those of you who actually notice whats on my wrist all these while will have an idea of what I'm trying to convey.I'd been wearing this prayer bracelet for like years-like maybe two years.It means so much to me even though the whole bracelet sort of like hung losely down my wrist. And when I was about to brush my teeth last Wednesday, I felt something is so missing. And I felt like my wrist is like so empty:-it feels like just so empty.

After all this mishap incident occurs, I feel like I'm having goosebumps. Am I still going to be that lucky girl who always gets away from undone homework or will I be that unlucky girl who will be penalised for even minor mistakes?

The truth remains unwritten..

Anyhow I feel like I'm still the lucky girl. I'm really so damn superstitious right. I'm going insane.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mundane me!!!

It's tough going through life feeling like you just don't belong and you're not good enough.
That feeling and way of thinking about yourself is affecting your life. You feel like the people around are leading better lives and you don't know how to get your life in that direction.
Everyone has their fears. Fears of getting rejected, humiliated and left??? What are your fears???
Being part of the younger generations, I too posses my very own signature fears. I'll tell you what were my fears(still are) and the bizarre habit I acquire to overcome the fear:
1.If you realise, I often crane my neck behind to check whether my skirt is fasten up safely.
2.When I reckon I'm having bad breath, I'll take big gulps of water(some people might be thinking I'm so 'dahaga'.)
3.Every time I visit a coffee shop, I'll be peering under the table every seconds to check out for cats and I'll be like pretending I'm adjusting my chair-fear for animals
4.Whenever I get jealous of someone else's possession I'll go into my usual daydreaming
5.When I find something hilarious and others don't I'll go like 'not funny'
6.When I think about working with someone not in my favour, I'll start sighing all day long
7.When my grades are bad, I'll be nibbling every available nails left on my fingers
Hey I realise that the aforementioned don't sounds like my fears.It sounds more like my bizarre habits.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Let me see. Where to begin????

Iri(Presiden) and Seah Yih(Vice Presiden) stood in front of the class, trying extremely hard to get our attention. Here is where the story begins.Hahah. It actually sounds hilarious to me. Iri and Seah Yih were call to meet our Add maths teacher in the staffroom(i guess). And then there they were summoned by 4 different subject teachers. They were told about how badly we behave,how we sleep in the class,how we don't wish teacher properly, how we don't respect them, how we provoke and how we iritate them. And to add it on a few teachers(those we were no more teaching us or never taught us before) came and join in this spectacular teacher's forum.Hahaha. Teachers do gossip right. Some teachers even said that the students kept asking for answer and she needs to repeat the answer.Hey c'mon you're a teacher right,you should be able to give an answer to your question or simple-just write it down.

The teachers hope to see a tremendous change in our attitude as while as our behaviour. The funny part was like Iri said
" We were like summoned by a gang of teachers and its like only two of us"

And then I was like " what's the ratio"

I miss out something. And all the teachers agreed that my class was the worst Form 4 class ever in the history of MGS. Hey c'mon this is not bad new.At least we get to be in MGS BOOK OF RECORDS. Yeah right

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I stared intently at my photo album which stood strategically beside my bed. I stretched out my hand to retrieve the photo album. Immediately I resolved into my usual daydreaming. I started remisnicing.Back in Year 6, I remembered staying back for detention because I was late to school. Then my thoughts got a bit closer. I remembered staying over Lynn's house during her 13th birthday. I recalled the tears that everyone had when we were streamed individually to different classes. I remembered knowing I-vie,Nanny and Yenn Yenn. I was stopped short by my thoughts when the house phone started to ring.

me,Shankry and Lynn (back in 2007)

me (recently)

the only thing that never changes in me is the fact that i'm a vain person