Wednesday, April 23, 2008

an incident!!!

I heard a peculiar sound, seems like an animal whining. I quickened my pace. I saw a mother dog looking lost .The whining grew louder as I walked further. I knew that for the past few days a mother dog had give birth to five cute pups. Through what I have heard, few pups died in agony in which I'd never took note of the details of death.

But the whining never stopped as I approached the place of incident. I was curious.I bent down to make sure that it wasn't under my dad's car. I tried to trace the whining. I looked around me before entering the car to go to school.Before my dad drove off, my neighbour pointed towards the drain the one which my neighbour and my family shared. I knew for sure that the pup was there.

My heart sank deep inside. I shed some silent tears and did a quick prayer seeking God to protect the dog. That incident however had affect me the whole day.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thank God!!

I was sitting down quietly at my desk,nibbling on my nails.
I was perspiring at the mere thought of it.
I'm doomed. I knew that I'm doomed.
No miracles will ever take place.
This was a rough picture of what had occur to me during additional mathematics class yesterday. I was looking forlorn. Part of me was feeling jittery and another part of me was praying hard that this was going to be over. I was shaking my watch hoping that it'll do some miracles to reverse back the time.
Pn Nur Zihan was calling out the names of students who did not hand in the book. And I knew sooner or later,just a mater of time that I'll received glares from 43 pairs of eyes. I never meant to lose my book. I was innocent.
Perseverance was what I had at that moment until.............
A girl from my class-I guess its Yannie shouted my name from one corner of the class.
What the heck?What does she want at this moment of time?
I was angry and frustrated at the thought of it until she told me that she had found my book.
Oh Yannie I love you!!!!(although I didn't really said that)
My poor additional mathematics book was not the only victim.A bunch of books were found sleeping forlornly in the drawers of the teacher's desk. Whose the culprit behind all these?
Only God knows!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Of late, I found a new toy, an electronic device which is handy yet reliable. It is not a mobile phone nor an ipod or a new Nintendo Ds. Let me make it easy and brief.

Last Saturday, my family and I went to Jusco for our usual serving of Starbucks. It was then that my father decided to enter Harvey Norman to check out some stuffs. And we eventually came to the electronics department....and a sales assistance immediately came to attend us. And it was then that my whole family knew that they're having a PC fair. My father immediately started browsing through the array of laptops. And after much commotion I finally made up my mind.

Hereby, let me present it to you my new

Fujitsu lifebook

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I nodded in satisfaction. At last, someone's come to our rescue...

Thanks to Pn Vijaya who is kind enough to share with us her knowledge of history

Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'm Back

I am elated, thrilled, overjoyed,jubilant and etc...

I can never believe that I'd just completed my leadership camp

Accommodating in the middle of a jungle is not an easy task

But I'm glad that I was not bitten by leeches, bees and delighted to say not even mosquitoes

I enjoyed most of the activities planned for us

Nevertheless the worst part is that my leg started aching on the 2Nd day
and I was excused for jungle trekking and obstacle course
We had numerous meals right there
And it was what everyone had expected
the same goes to the latrine
The tent was cramp and too small to fit in 5 person together with our luggage
Due to our carelessness of not securing the tent properly our tent experienced leakage
As a result , we were drenched and forced to sleep in a damp,moist and stuffy tent
I came back yesterday and proud to say that i'm officially sick
I'm having severe sore throat and fever
I felt dizzy and vomited numerous times
I am sick

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

60 words

Should I or should i not?????

The previous post I've been ranting all about camping and stuff. I'm feeling very ecstatic and jittery at the same time. I can never imagine me sleeping in a tent with mosquitoes and insects all around me.

Dad has got me a mosquito repellent and I'm intending to use it to the max. I've planted my hatred towards insects since I've got stung by a bee last year. Insects are just irritating, though some do not really bring any harm to you. I know i sound pampered but I promise I'll try not to make a fool out of myself............I promise not to squeak and scream at the sight of leeches, not to sigh and complain during the camp.......I promise only under certain circumstances..........

Should I or should I not bring my mobile for this excursion??? The coverage is pratically nil right there.. Why bring??Why???

Why pay money to suffer???