Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random Post

Warning : Long post ahead

This friend of mine has been a great friend ever since the year 2008 begin. Our friendship began developing and she became one of my closest buddies and confidantes. This petite lass is great in so many aspects from the way she speaks,the way she addresses and the way she smiles. Although at times, this soon to be lady might be iritating and annonying she definitely fix her puzzles back. Her pencil thin body makes people around her think that she goes on some dieting course.But Man when you know her-she eats like a cow!!!! She can eat in three different restaurant yet not ranting that she is filled. Today this outgrown georgeous beautiful lass from Klang is celebrating her 16th birthday. Here are some pictures of our outing.

1st Stop:

We headed straight to Dragon-I because all of us were drop dead hungry. We were acting like people who suffers from starvation and I-vie was like holding her stomach. Too bad.No time to even take pictures.

2nd Stop:

Manhattan Fish Market.According to Nanny,this is one of the smelliest place on Earth. After browsing through the menu, we went straight in.

Crispy whitebait

The whitebait was folded with coleslaw

Manhattan Fish & Chips

That's me ready to pick up my cutleries and begin my feast

Rhenu is always laughing like a Kong King regardless of where she goes

3rd Stop:Hiagen Daaz

will update more soon..............

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