Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Mobile

Dedicated to all Mgs-ians

I'd sat down and do some hard thinking before even attempting to write this post. The post ahead might hurt some parties but basically I'm just trying to reveal the bad side of some MGS students.

Last Monday, one of the MGS-ians committed a major felony. To me that crime was more than major but some people might take it as minor. Anyway I was given the courtesy to witness the crime as this actually involves some of my close buddies.

We were walking side by side , chortling and laughing our heads off as we made our way to the basketball court. Our English teacher had some outdoor activities to be carry out with us. Fast forward after 35 minutes, we went back to class feeling extremely exhausted. We were again reminded by our class monitor to head to the Biology lab. After Biology, I headed straight to the canteen. Anything that happened next was told by my friend.

I-vie made her way back to our class. Kassthury, an Indian girl from my class exclaimed "Hey I lost Rm13. You all better check". At this point of time,I guess the word Nanny is actually quite compatible with her. Rhenu asked I-vie to check whether her mobile was still with her. At first I-vie took it for granted but after much nagging from Nanny she gave in....and when she unzipped her bag..........TADA..her hand phone is no more there. Adrenaline started flowing through her and she immediately (like me) recalled whether she brought her phone to school or she misplaced it in her mother's car. After knowing that she didn't misplaced it, she knew for sure that her mobile was stolen.

I was not aware of it until I enter the class and heard it from another friend. At first, I did not know what to do but I had this strong feeling that I-vie needed more support and I immediately ran out of class and found them in the staffroom. And then I heard Pn Asiah(school discipline teacher) saying" Macam mana aku tahu. Kamu semua hilang handset then cari saya.Mana saya tahu". She mumbled something about asking us not to go and headed off to the other direction. By then, I-vie was like " how can i forget bout my phone". A fat drop of tears rolled down her cheeks. And after a few minutes Pn Asiah from the other blok signaled us down. Once in the ground she asked I-vie " Yang mana kamu punya handphone". I-vie pointed to the Sony Ericsson hand phone which is definitely hers. Pn Asiah left four of us together with that stealer and went off finding for another teacher.

I-vie was glaring angrily at her. I was just staring at everyone. And then out of the sudden Rhenu marched to that girl angrily and she definitely reflected her Kong King attitude " SO YOU'RE THE SCHOOL STEALER LER". Harsh right her words. But she deserved it.

Then we were told to go back to our class. And then from what I heard from I-vie this smart stealer had actually calculated her steps properly. She deleted I-vie's messages,drafts,contacts,pictures and replaced her pictures into I-vie's phone and claimed its her. Tell me how bad she is

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