Monday, August 16, 2010

A quick one

I have 10 minutes in exact to write a short post..That if at the end of the post, I don't change my mind...Trials are due next week..Pretty anxious but shouldn't get out of hand because there's nothing to be excited or jittery of..I knew how I'll fair.

The best part about exams is the two weeks due long holidays that accompany it..That's fantastically fantastic and that part should trigger more excitement and anxiety. My cousin's getting married soon and that's something different this holiday..At least, I don't have to laze around figuring what to do and ranting...

Ok...I'm running out of time...One last thing, I've been a REALLY bad student this whole year..I spent one semester regretting and only started putting in effort the second semester...too late, I guess..I wish I could turn back time...Arghhh...Everyone wishes!!!

Off for tennis


Sunday, August 08, 2010

Random 21- Happy Reading

1. Today's the 8th of August and that means I am 15 days away to  trials to be exact..And I literally spent my whole day doing NOTHING close to academics.

2. My books are strewn everywhere on my table and I've no IDEA where to start...

3. Its 12.44 a.m and am currently having a bizarre craving of a good cheese cake..

4. I'm really into the 80's music..I've a special folder created in my Ipod titled country!!!

5. I'm still into royals..the fact never change


7. I'm writing everything that pops on my head now!!!!

8. I never knew all this while ,my dad send sweet texts to my mum when he's away for work..(:

9. Petula Clark and Olivia Newton John are incredible!!!

10. I finally removed my earring!!!

11. My ears are itchy and I'm trying to resist my fingers anywhere near it!!!

12. I love my friends!!!

13. I'm up for something crazy, something that will give me that amount of rush!!!

14. I feel like playing tennis with a guy...hahha..random but I have someone on my mind now!!!

15. I used to hate accounting but I'm in the process of seeing the wonders behind it..

16. When I solved  a really difficult maths question, I write "WONDERS OF MATHS" or "STUPID" beside the question!!

17. I really need to catch some sleep...

18. I need to lose weight!!!( a joke)

19. I want to dance so badly!!! I'll think about enrolling myself into dance class...

20. Finally, I yearn to indulge myself in real laugh more often...Real laugh  which means laughing till my stomach aches!!!

21. I missed my grandma!! Alright lets not get there!!!!I love her!!!