Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm back!!!

So yeah!! Back from the 3 days 2 nights of absolute excitement and fun!!! And down with 2 days and 1 night of constant vomiting and fever.Not good, I know.

It's gonna be a short entry,I promise as the medicine's still making me drowsy. I swear its the antibiotics.It bloody hell works just like sleeping pills.

Give me another 2 days or so, I'll be back to the bubbly,loud,annoying and all smile me. And as for the coming days and weeks and months these are what I plan to do.

1. Settle on a good course to embark in uni and similarly enrol in one.
2. Get a job!! I don't wanna slump for 3 months
3. Tidy up my oh-so-messy table
4. Peruse my storybooks!!!

On another note,I miss my friends!!:( Not good,not good , really its not good at all!!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

20 mins of random!! I swear it's more than 20

20 minutes.That's all I have.That's all I give myself!!

Not kiasu la. At the end of this 20 minutes, I need to race to bed. Knackered. It's been a  long day..

In the midst of a so important-major-jaw dropping-heart wrenching exam that had been going on for a month.Not kidding one leh-A MONTH!!!

The best part is that it ends this Friday which is 2 days away from today. Thats one, second part is that this will be the final final and last last time I'll be doing any of  these subjects ever. To be honest,I'll miss Maths a lot.Question on whether I'll miss  accountings,we'll have to wait till I sit for the paper on Thursday.If it's good,then I'll definitely miss it.If it's not, goodbye accoutings,it's been a long journey.Economics and me both have a very strange sort of relationship.I'm always giving Econs a chance, a second-guess but after today Econs we both have been trying too hard.It didn't work by the way!!!

Moving on, hehhehe.This is the best part.It's like the climax!!This is the part where years from now, Prince Harry will get down to one knee and asked me to marry him.It's that exciting and jubilant. After Friday of course its Saturday and a bunch of us are heading all the way north to Pangkor to rejuvenate and basically celebrate the end of the one month stress-induced exam!!! So so excited!!!

That's the best parts of it.However... Pathetic post alert!!

Today as I was  resigning to the comforts of my bed for a short nap, I realised how much I didn't want this Saturday to come. How much I resent it silently deep down.Because I'm no more thinking about that 3 days which I believe will be cherished (hopefully) by all of us. I'm looking to after that 3 days-after Monday. What are we going to do?? Where are we??? What's next??? Are we still going to have our occasional class trips to malls and lunches or are we just going to stay at home to pass time???To be honest,I'm afraid. And last night in bed, I thought of how God has brought all these beautiful people to my life and I thank HIM for that.

Perhaps at the end of the day its me whose over-reacting(not strange).To me, life is always a fairytale.I choose to wish a little, believe more and dream even more.That's me!!!