Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm blogging from my iPhone !!!!!

This is pretty cool ..All these times, I thought blogger isn't compatible with iPhone . But somehow it is!!! Woot!!! Heres to more entry from iPhone !!

Let's see what's been happening lately with me!!! School commences a week ago and its pretty hectic- the whole process of getting unfinished work done.I should have seen this coming!!!

I'm gonna make this short, because although I would say that I'm quite good with the iPhone keyboard, it's still funny typing here.

I don't know where this come from. It had always been inside me but many of times I just ignored it and shrugged it off!!!I have this strong urge to fight for woman and children rights . Woman in particular and its spontaneous and random. But I've always wanted to!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Of family and school

College commences in 2 days time.And that leaves me with an approximate 48 hours or more to catch up with unfinished school assignments and embrace one last bite of fun. This eventually brings me to question the absurdity of getting it done.

The thing about human is that we procrastinate.Not all I would say, but a crowd. And I am definitely not proud to be of the company.The point is that I tried.But my mental will wasn't as strong as I thought. It wasn't rigid, impermeable and bold like I wish it would.To make an analogy, my mental will is akin a permeable membrane, alright maybe semi, allowing the rapid diffusion of all sorts of ideas. Every morning I wake up with a fresh new vow/thought/inspiration which goes like " Alright Pei Zhen, you have 37 accounting questions to finish, an economic assignment to be done, a personal statement which is yet to be completed and an important exam to study for." Each day, I reminded myself  of the things awaiting me and every single time I settled down on my serious table in an attempt to get things moving,  another idea/thought settled upon  my oh so permeable head. And thus, I can't resist the temptations.Hence, that explains how I deviate.

Enough said,I'll get started today.Moving on, last Sunday my cousin got married in a lavish wedding. And weddings as you know are the best time to gather everyone.My uncle flew in from Sabah with his family and another uncle flew in all the way from China with his family and  it was like Chinese New Year again, where everyone gathers in the family home,go for dinners and basically have fun.To mark the occasion, here's some pictures!!!

Maternal side aunties and uncles with their progeny

Left to right: Bro, me,mum & dad <3!!!

And that's basically it...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Humans as we know are extraordinary creature bestowed by God with the ability to speak, have feelings, to walk with two legs, and etc.But the thing about us is that  we complain just too much..Maybe not everyone but there's this circle that complain and complain and complain and keep on complaining. And sadly to say,I belong to this rare bunch..And miserably, I despise it..Not most of the time but at times..

The thing about people who complain too much is that it just get on your nerves.And different people do it in different degree.By 'it',I meant complaining. To rate it on a scale of 1-10, people on a scale of 1 would complain minimally, once in a blue moon and sometimes never.And as you go up the hierachy, it gets worst..It goes from slowly complaining about the weather to getting fussy into tiny and smaller details of everything.And man,its ANNONYING.I would settle on a scale of maybe say 4 or 5 , but that's life..If you don't rant about how pathetic it sounds, it'll be bottled up and this sucks.

Yeah, its kinda hilarious why I'm writing a whole lot about complaining.Because for God's sake, I've been ranting about how mundane my holidays have been and I've got another week to bear. And the thing about certain people is that we continue ranting and we make no whatsoever attempts in trying to curb it. But I don't belong right there.Because I've done every possible thing I imagine. I'd finished almost 2 storybooks, done SUDOKU,read and read, catch up with my royalty news,play,exercise...what else..Alright...yeah......

STUDY...i got it!!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Of fear, Westlife and school!!!

 I reckon its alright to be afraid .

To be afraid of what the future might offer, afraid of  life ten years from now, afraid of circumstances, afraid of dying. Life is engulfed by fear that sometimes gone unnoticed. Fear is everywhere, contagious at times and it's only a matter of how well you hide it.

I, personally fear for what the future might offer me.I always think that people who have their future plan ahead of time,nicely and carefully etched up are just way planning too early. Besides, I've never believe on going according to plans, whats more this is life we're talking about.How can someone plan their life ahead of them and at the same time having such strong faith that adhering to it closely will bring you close to being successful??? To me, life is like a long journey, one that follows through, that need no whatsoever meticulous planning. It's just all about how you live it.

Moving on, I'm currently hooked on Eat, Pray, Love , written by Elizabeth Gilbert.Haven't done reading but guess it's not too bad. And for those of you who haven't already know, I'm so into into into like million trillion times into WESTLIFE..The obsession is getting a little out of hand and I might need help with that soon.But for now, I'm so so crazy over them and honestly I don't remember being so into a singer/actor.The last one being Hilary Duff and the obsession leading to me adopting Hilary as my alternative name..Something new, huh!!!But the craze it's back.Westlife is just different. Somehow when they sing, I feel them.It's not just the melody, its the lyrics , the content and how they just intepret it. And their live performances are just mind blowing..Way way better than the studio recording. It's just a recent hype .I guess I'll get over it soon..Yeah, I will.. And I'm still into royals.

On a more happy note, school's out.This means that bliss, joy and pure freedom for two whole weeks...Woot!! And just so you know, I flunked my exam..Screwed..Total wastage!!! In the meantime, before the results come out..LET'S ENJOY!!!