Monday, June 28, 2010

It's 12.52 a.m now. I should probably be sleeping or at least try to sleep.But I made no attempts in both.Reasons being, lite fm is playing some really good music. School commences tomorrow and I'm pretty excited .I've got the rest I yearned for. Now, its finally time for me to push myself really hard!!! Easier said then done...

I love blogging.This is probably random but I love blogging. I've been a constant blogger for years and the passion never wears off.Maybe once or twice but I got over it eventually. Blogging gives me that measure of excitement, and adrenaline rush. I feel sincere, genuine and honest. Because it's much easier conveying honest opinions, thoughts and rants by writing rather than to a person, an individual. I love letting my thoughts run and my fingers doing the magic.Blogging to me is something that can be done when the mood kicks in. So of late , I've been perusing my older posts and at times I really want to go back to embrace that similar feeling, that similar excitement or sorrows I'd when writing it. And there's this particular one that I'll never forget how I wrote it from the place I wrote it to the fat ball of tears that wet my face. And I still feel emotional perusing it after such a long time.

That apart, I spend my holidays watching lots of movies and perusing  storybooks. And I know I sound really pathetic now.Hahahha..blame it on those sad romance movies!!!! Yeah and  I finally finished watching Grey's season 6. It was EPIC..

I felt  it's only a matter of time for me to do things that will bring me to the next chapter of my life.Yeah and the songs in lite fm are real good now and I can't bring myself to bed right now!!!! I miss Sue Ann:- random but again honest opinion.I miss Lynnette too.Lots of catching up to do.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Good things happen to those who tried hard or at least tried their level best. And excellent results come with efforts not mediocre, but great and hard.

So yeah..My results are out!!! It was one of the worst but yet it wasn't astonishing.I half-expected that it'll turn out worst , much much worst, but it wasn't too bad. Here is it. My very first screwed up exam.

I reckon this is somehow good. It's like a boost, somehow like a tough lesson learnt. I somehow feel there's no point going on about certain things and I feel different.Just different.

I  was suppose to write a happy entry about my recent short trip to Penang, the place I always call home and a long long entry about my dad. I'll try tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

For once after a long long time , I felt alone.

The whole feeling just kicked in today and I'd never felt like this for eons. Reasons being, I'm on a two weeks term long break and practically ALL my friends are busy with their stuffs.I miss those days where I could just pick up the telephone, punched in a number knowing that someone will be ready to hear me out.These days are different.

And I'm feeling very disturbed now for God knows why!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm finally done with my very first college exam. Good experience though besides the fact that I'd completely flunk every single paper...accounting in particular. And this time it's for real.In high school,I used to say I screwed up  and still managed an 'A' or worst comes to worst a 'B' at least.But now in college it's a completely different scenario, 'screw' means a 'D' or a safe 'C'!!!!

Whatever happens,I'm on a two weeks long ,term break. And I can already feel the mundane feeling sinking in.This is bad.But I yearn for a rest , so no rants.

For the moments, I can't get my thoughts together..So I guess that's pretty all for now..

Thursday, June 03, 2010


I  shouldn't be here in the first place but the mood to blog somehow kicked in today.Firstly, my very first college semester exams are due next week.And for the first time in my life, I genuinely could say that I'm not near an inch close to being ready for the exams. I haven't been really studying this whole year.Life's just easy going for me this year.Maybe I need a break.I've been pushing myself quite hard for the last 5 years.So yeah!!!A break but it's not for long.

On a rapturous note, we have two weeks of holidays effective immediately after the exams.I'd always like holidays after exam..And I seriously need a beach vacation..I can't wait..And my books are waiting for me to peruse them.I can hear them every time I looked at my bookshelf screaming 'PICK ME UP'..!!!!

College has been really fun these days.It's just the people in it that make it better.Me,Sue and Jun Wei had an enormous amount of fun from skipping classes to studying together to laughing at stupid jokes. Alright skipping classes are bad but a little is not toooo bad..hahhaha..The old me will shrug at the idea of skipping classes, but NEW me thinks it's alright to skip class for a good cause.Perhaps I've change.

And I like changes.Before I drift off yesterday in bed, I thought about how far I've come-not too far but far enough for me to realise certain things.My prospects and views on certain things have indeed change and these days, for the past weeks or so,I felt it:-the change,the whole feeling and its exciting.I need this, an adrenaline push.Though it'll wears off soon.I get bored like real fast.

I'm looking forward to what life can offer me.Because my life had change tremendously throughout the years and these changes have drive me into becoming someone , not to sure whether its good or bad.But one thing  for sure-there are certain principles in my life that I'll NEVER deviate from.

Alright I should be studying now and I'm gonna change my blog's template like real soon and a chat box..I know I need that.