Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Trying to upload some photos

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

This is the worst Christmas i'd ever celebrate.I woke up with some sighness as usual buut the night before i can't barely shut my eyes and sleep.I'm having breathing difficulty. Just bored as usual so thought of updating this blog. Stay at home and watch television the whole day.Went out for lunch in a coffee shop and later headed to Parkson to bid good-bye to my thai fare and tom yam. As for yesterday we went to Jaya Jusco for some shopping before school starts next week. Its my brother stuff like school uniform,shoes and bags. We had our lunch in Johnny and the tom yam there was irresistable. That night our whole family is invited for a Christmas Eve dinner in Tai Tong. Just can't wait for school to reopen.Really excited and a bit nervous too as we're attending school in the morning.Its been 2 years ago i last did that.Wonder whether i'll drag my pillow with me together to school.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The pictures

The moist chocolate cake after being baked from the oven

The utensils and ingredients all set in Lynnette's brilliant island

Me mixing all the ingredients and pouring it into the mould


Its been for ages since i last update my blog. Anyway not going anywhere during the holidays. Learning how to be a couch-potato. Just bake a chocolate cake a few weeks ago and cheese cake a few days ago.Mum says the chocolate cake tasted like flour.Maybe its because i used excessive flour to bake it.Anyway the cheese cake turns out nice just that its too sweet.I'll try to grab the picture from Ms Lilian Tang and see whether i can get it.In a few weeks time many of us will be back in school.Form 3 is going to be the worst and hectic year.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Life is miserable!!!

For the past few days my life is miserable.The streaming results came out last week and the good news is that i'm stream to the 1st class. Unfortunately for me i'm separated from my best frenz lynnette and shankry. That was the latest.After that life just goes on as usual..............We went to divya's house on wednesday and bake a chocolate cake.It was not that marvelous as those in bakers cottage and secret recipe but for the first attempt it was pretty nice. We've also got a chance to disturb our sir as usual and it was pretty funny.Thats all for today.Try to tune in tomorrow to update my blog.................................

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


My exams were just over and my life now is full of boredom.I have nothing to do than vegetating in front of te computer and television.I got so restless.But anyway my birthday is over.Anyway i've the most enjoyable yet memorable day today in school. Everything was funny for me. Unfortunately one of my best frenz Shankry dun get to attend school today because of the last minute shopping for Deepavali.Our school will be close for the whole of next week.The only plans i have is

Saturday:Yoke Pei's Birthday
Sunday: Divya's open house
Monday: I've to go and redeem my pizza for NIE
Tuesaday:I guess we're going over to Shankry's

I dun know whether this means that i'm occupied or not.Anyway i hope me and my frenz will pass the exams with flying color and may god bless us.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My birthday cake

me and my lovely presents

In the train-feeling tired

Three loud-speaker in MGS

We've been seated by the friendly waiter and waitress in Tgi Friday's

Both of my best frenz

me and my best frenz on Earth

Ok!!I really don't know where to begin.Anyway this is my birthday party

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Its such a long time since i update this blog.I son't really have time because of the exams and i'm so freaking busy.Anyway Lilian celebrated her birthday on 2nd of June.She's a June child.I was having a nice time there.The holidays are going to end.I love it and hate it too.I love it because school is gonna reopen and i'm going to have a brilliant time and i hate it because i'm going to face the consequences for the exam results.I don't really know whether i have done well a not but i hope i can at least get an A.I am having a fever today-not that serious.It just strike me after i came back from tennis.Anyway tennis today is fun.I really enjoy hitting the ball.Ok,i will try to tune in tomorrow!!!

Sunday, April 30, 2006


Oh my god!!My mid-year exams are just around the corner and i'm studying at the eleventh hour.I hate to study especially that i'm so damn busy this few days finishing my folios.I'm actually not finishing it.I'm kinda like starting it.hheehehehehehheheh.My B.M teacher or my class teacher will be absent from net tuesday till friday.Our whole class is screaming like omigod!!!Cause we're going to miss sastera and many other subjects including science.............................

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Candid photo

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Our drama is over already.We had done very well.Not very but super super well.Its better than the real drama-competition.We changed everything.I mean not everything part of it and my hair is superb.Ok Ok .My couzie is the one who had done it for me.Thank you Joanne!!!The drama was so nice.Its so natural and guess wat we didn't practice at all.Everybody was enjoying themselves.I felt so happy.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


I'm so nervous about the drama.Its due on tomorrow and we're going to present it during assembly.Sighhhhhhhhhh!!!I must wake up at 7.30a.m tomorrow just because of the stupid drama.I've no confidence to do again and i wonder whether i can sleep tonight a not!!!Haizzzzzzzzzz!!I'm so damn lazy to do the drama again.And we must do all the props again because i threw all the props away last time...............

Saturday, April 15, 2006


We Form 2 Kreatif must redo again our drama.What a nuisance!!!!And Pn Parimala just told us on Friday and we must present it on this coming monday!!!I think i almost forgetten all my lines.I've no confidence at all...........

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Ok!!I'm so tired that i just sit down in front of the computer and hearing a stupid song and chatting with idiots.I hate this but i'm really tired after tenis.And after that i must go for tuition.Really tiring.Anyway special today.Just that i went out with my family for window-shopping and i saw sherrie there with her mother and sister and also her grandmother.We just went there lazing around and buying groceries,my shampoo and a present for Victor Ang.Its his birthday tomorrow i mean today because i'm updating the blog now at 12.20 a.m.Ok!!Good nightz...........

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Ok anyway there's nothing much today!!I told all of you that i am not tuning in often,but surprise!!!!Actually its not a surprise.Its a coincidence.I am halfway doing my moral project and i remembered my poor blog,so i just drop in a few lines.I've nothing to write.Really,really sorry.Ok let me just tell you about the contents of our drama.Its about a poor girl named Ella(which is eventually me) who is tortured by her stepmother Viona and her two evil stepsisters tina and lina.Her best frenz Melony is the only one in her side and she met someone named Armand in her school chat room.Eventually the prince wants to meet her at the upcoming prom but her stepmother won't let her go.After she has finished her household chores,she went for a stroll and suddenly she burst into tears.Fairygodmother appears suddenly and ask Ella to enter a room.When she came out,omigod she is damn beautiful with her dress.At that time when i was spinning around everybody was applausing like shit.So she thanked the fairygodmother and hoped off.But she came back to the fairygodmother and asks her "how am i suppose to be there without trasportation" and then the fairygodmother replied "don't worry my dear." and a bicycle came out.How ridiculous???At the dance the Lina the stepsister is busy dancing with Armand and when Ella arrived at that dance,Armand just let Lina go and she went spinning and fell at last.The prince danced with Ella.And from that day onwards everything has been cleared up for Ella.She found her father's hidden will in a book and her stepmum and stepsis promise the lawyer to work in the diner under the watchful eyes of Melony.The end and goodnight!!!!

My God!!!

Ok!Starting from today i think i'm going to abandon my poor blog cause i really really got no time.I'm so sorry my dear blog.I hope you're not frustrated with me.Anyway nothing special in school today.Just that we really had a terriffied time playing netball that i don't even know how to play and i'm just standing there like an idiot passing the ball.Until we haven't heard a news about the winner of the drama competition.Just that 2 Pintar said that the winner was 2Mantap.Anyway we don't care cause they really deserve it.They are practising so hard whilst we just started practising 3 days before the competition.I don't think so any class did that in such a short period of time.Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!Farewell

Sunday, March 26, 2006


26th March
Nothing special today!!Just a boring,dull day.Anyway i just got a blog today so i think i'm in the mood of updating it.Ok.The inter-drama competiton among classes had just ended.And our director says that we did very well.I don't know.I just went up there and started acting and talking.But the audiences are damn noisy.They're applausing non stop when tharshini said the love part.Aarghhhhhhhhhhh.I don't know, but i hope our class will win.Actually we don't really deserve it because we just started practising on Tuesday whilst for other classes,they're practising non stop like crazy girls.Omigod.Don't let them see what i wrote.They're probably chase me with a 'parang'.Ok!Ok! I will stop writing now.I'll try to tune in as often as possible.