Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I've got about 20 articles to finish before tomorrow.Which means that I have an approximate of two more hours before bedtime.I realize its not very nice sacrificing my precious sleeping time for some EST articles.If not for the teacher who always threatens us with the demerit points,I couldn't be bother to get it done.

This entry is suppose to be long.However the writer is too lethargic and the mood of blogging doesn't really kicks in today.She'll be updating her site as soon as possible.Stay tune.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


School commences tomorrow.And that seriously means its consequences time.I'd been lacking far behind this year academically and socially. You know what I mean,huh.Nothing much about my two weeks holidays and therefore not very enthusiastic to share with fellow readers.I'm not stingy ok.Without me realizing two weeks came to an end just like this- whosh!!I didn't even get the chance to really relax without worrying my results that are yet to be revealed.

I failed badly and I'm not in good shape to handle any of this right now.I dread school tomorrow.I dread results and I plant a hatred towards schooling life.It's hectic.Anyway I would be totally lying if I said there was no fun in my holidays.Big fat liar!!

Yeah!!!The main one was getting the AWESOME FOURSOME back in action.We met up last Friday for steamboat in a restaurant;-obviously.This time around with the economic turmoil hitting our country-we were deeply affected too.No posh restaurant this time.Just a small,cozy Chinese restaurant with loud Chinese music blaring out from the stereo.I recalled how frustrated Ivy was to be sitting just below the stereo.We chortled loudly to almost everything, oblivious to the surrounding.The ambiance and vicinity was not very good-I agreed,however the place lit up with our laughter roaring frequently.

I was ravenous and excited and beaming happily.In simple words:


Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Do you believe in miracles at the first place??I don't if you're wondering.Miracles happen all the time,unexpectedly, out of the blue.When miracle occurs only then we'll be with by a pang of realization,guilt and often relief and grateful.But what happens when it doesn't.Miracles are never my stuff.It doesn't strikes me and often I'll just get off facing the circumstances. Nevertheless an incident that I'll relate to you in a short moment had brought me to a path of having faith in miracles and most of all God.

Last Sunday,like any other Sundays ,I struggled to get out of bed.While I was flipping around on the bed,I realized that my brother was out of the bed.So yeah.Here it goes.Yes-I still sleep with my younger brother.So what.Anyway it was something bizarre seeing him out of the bed so early on a Sunday.C'mon something's not right.And then moments later,he came back telling me that he had a slight fever.Slight fever only what.Nothing fantastic.He popped some Panadol and I thought he'll be alright soon.

Fast forward few hours later his fever gone from bad to worst.And worst means fever with very bad shivering and blue nails and palms.My parents brought him to the nearest hospital fearing something bad is going to happen.He was diagnosed with a virus infection and was put under very strong antibiotics.There it goes.The next day he gets worst,no progress.I began to worry.Symptoms worsen:-nausea,vomiting,extreme shivering and extremely high temperature.I see both my parents sponging him.And worst of all I was forbidden from entering his room as its contagious.From the crack of the door,I saw how he shivers,how his palms became bluish to purplish.I was scared at that time.

No words can describe my fears.For God's sake he was my one and only sibling I have.I can never imagine my life without him.I never dare to even imagine.I'm an asthma patient.I understand the truth behind one's suffering.On Monday night,I was at my breaking point.I can't take it anymore.I wanted to spill it all out to someone and decided to call Rhenu.I can't get through her.

And then all of a sudden,it just happens.I remembered a book, a Buddhist prayer book that I last read a fortnight ago.I recalled how noble and powerful the book was.This book contains personal and real life accounts by people who went through it.I held the book gently and with a sacred heart and mind I read it aloud trying to get the contents of the book into my mind.Though I managed to finish 20 pages of that book,it was more than enough.

The next day when I wake up,I half expected to see my brother lying on his bed.But God I can't believe my eyes.He was in front of the computer striding his thin and long fingers on the keyboard.Thank God.In that instance,I know who to believe.Behold:


By the way,I'm feeling very strange now.