Thursday, December 04, 2008


95% of unproductive life+ 2% of healthy life+ 3% of bizarre habits=SLUG

Basically unproductive life involves :

1.Sleeping in the wee hours of the morning
2.Napping for at least a minimum of 3 hours per day
3.Lazing and touring around the house doing only God knows what

Its either that or I can also be seen clanging on the mobile for like forever!!

The remaining and pathetic 2% of healthy life includes meandering around the mall pushing my way through a bunch of eccentric crowds and of course TENNIS...

On the other hand, 3% of bizarre habits revolves around chewing on my poor nails to provoking others .

So yeah!!Everyone is off for holidays!!!And I'm still here ranting about how pathetic and dreary my holidays are.Rhenu is off for some weird golf camp which is happening in Rawang.I-vie is already in the midst of packing her luggage for her upcoming trip to Hong Kong.Whilst I guess Yenn is busy planning her itinerary for her trip to 'Kangaroo Land'.

C'mon I'm not that pitiful to stay at home the whole time.On a more rapturous side, I'm actually going to Mumbai.Yeah!!Mumbai ...Here I come..

Oh and by the way the 2% of healthy life I lead is indeed really positive and worth it.While meandering around the mall last week,I saw something shining so shimmering in front of me.Gosh!!I'd been eyeing for this like what seem like years.
securely seal up in the plastic

The skirt with built in shorts-ideal attire for tennis

After deliberating the pros and the cons and contemplating about 100 times (not really ler) in the end, I opted for HEAD. There might be a lot of brands out there that offer sports attire like this. But I honestly I can tell you, if you were to compare this particular HEAD skirt with the Nike one, its hell of a difference.

I'm not trying to point out that Nike products are useless but some products you need to opt for the right brand.Like for instance Nike got cool sneakers whilst HEAD will never in a millions years can manufacture such product.It actually depends.

And by the way when are they going to release episode 10 of Grey's Anatomy...

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