Friday, January 09, 2009


Look I've got completely no intention of transforming my blog into becoming a site for spreading Buddhism.As long as I can recalled,I had never mentioned anything about my religion in the past.Few minutes ago,I was just browsing through some pro Buddhist website and peruse through some really inspiring articles.I might seem to everyone even my friends to be a very normal Buddhist-a Buddhist who doesn't visits the temple regularly,a Buddhist who doesn't know where Gautama was born.Even it would not be a surprise if I tell you that my parents were not aware of how much Buddhism articles I'd read.

Frankly I can tell you that I'm not really familiar with Mandarin and Kantonis.So that leaves me with English.The problem is you can barely find any Buddhist books written in English here in Klang Valley.Its rather difficult.You can find tonnes of those in Kuala Lumpur but tell me how often you visit the temples there.Its my bad too as I can't decipher Mandarin.

I'm in opinion of that a true and sacred Buddhist is not the one who visits the shrine regularly,holding an incense and bowing down to the Buddha statues but rather the one that practices noble qualities in their everyday life.You don't need to visit the temple to be a good Buddhist.As long as you keep on practicing good and noble values in your life you'll always be a great person in Buddha's list.

I believe in Karma and I believe that every action you do today will affect you later on in your life.I feel so serene in front of the altar and the burning incense never fails to comfort me.

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