Saturday, December 13, 2008


When my parents first told me that they enrolled me into MGS , I was all moody and frustrated at the same time.This was due to the fact that all my friends and buddies from primary have all successfully earned themselves a place in Kwang Hua.My first instincts when my parents conveyed the news to me was 'I've got no friends there.I hate that school'. Frankly speaking,I had once visioned that I'll graduate from high school without any friends.

But after four years soon to be five, I am proud to say that I'm a Mgs-ians. I was blessed not only with one best friend but my list of close acquaintances is slowly loading up. From that day onwards,I always believe in miracles.I believe that miracles are yet to happen when you have that will and believe it'll come true.For instance I can't stop believing that I'm blessed with another three beautiful and graceful friend this year though the fact that my years of schooling are already coming to an end.

Alright that's not the ulterior motive of me writing this post.Shankry one of my close confidantes just celebrated her sweet sixteen.I knew her for four years but I had a feeling that I'd known her for like eternity.In conjunction with her sweet sixteen , we(Lynnette and me) planned a trip to Aeon.

Of course, we did the normal stuffs like eating,visiting the loo and shopping.But what differs this outing from the others was that we visited the spa.'Uh.What spa???'

No.No. I said no.Not this one.

Yeah.This one.

What spa again uh???


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