Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hey!!!Its 2.00 a.m by the way.My fingers are still striding gracefully across the keyboard. My brother had been asleep for quite some time.I'm not really sleepy yet so I thought I'll pay a visit to my blog.School's awesome and we're still in the midst of our Chinese New Year break.

Just out of the sudden,I feel like I should stop trying so hard. One thing that distinguishes me from any other person is that I don't and will never feel discourage so easily.I work hard into chasing my dreams and pour every single effort in accomplishing them.But sometimes I get so knocked out and exhausted and feel like I should just stop trying so hard and act according to the situation.But I follow my instincts so much that I'm so persistent and stubborn to revamp what I'm doing.Of course,I absolutely love what I'm doing right now:-studies,tennis and swimming.Sometimes I feel that its artificial and I don't really have that talent.Take tennis for example-I'm very aware I don't really have this sport genes and no matter how much I try I won't go far.But I kept on trying and I feel like right now I just need to STOP!!!

As in really STOP!!!I'll reconsider about playing competitive tennis and maybe I should just stick to swimming after all.


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