Monday, November 24, 2008


Yeah!!I actually did make a vow to lead a more healthy lifestyle during these holidays.But now here I am already driving myself to break the vow.I had the whole plan of my holidays mapped out here on my head a fortnight ago.

And after two weeks ,I don't seem to be doing anything beneficial or important.In fact,I started lacking in myriad things like for example opting not to attend BM tuition.No offence,I felt that not learning BM will not leave a huge impact in your live later on.Compared to English.Vast comparison.

So right I'm going to renew my vows again today.I'll make sure in the coming fortnight me, Tan Pei Zhen will be doing something more positive in my life.Actually I guess I will.I signed up for a Buddhist Camp happening on th 11th till 14th December.First time-as usual very anxious and elated.

Remember I once said I had depression.Maybe its all illusion.Its just that my mind is playing tricks with my body.And maybe I'm a hypochondriac-a person who believes he/she suffers from some sort of illness when there is nothing wrong with them.Maybe that's all.

Speaking of being a hypochondriac insomnia is slowly very gently crawling back to me.

Wait a minute.

I'm going to give a loud shriek to scare insomnia.The mastermind to all this is your mind.Control it......................

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