Thursday, September 02, 2010

Of fear, Westlife and school!!!

 I reckon its alright to be afraid .

To be afraid of what the future might offer, afraid of  life ten years from now, afraid of circumstances, afraid of dying. Life is engulfed by fear that sometimes gone unnoticed. Fear is everywhere, contagious at times and it's only a matter of how well you hide it.

I, personally fear for what the future might offer me.I always think that people who have their future plan ahead of time,nicely and carefully etched up are just way planning too early. Besides, I've never believe on going according to plans, whats more this is life we're talking about.How can someone plan their life ahead of them and at the same time having such strong faith that adhering to it closely will bring you close to being successful??? To me, life is like a long journey, one that follows through, that need no whatsoever meticulous planning. It's just all about how you live it.

Moving on, I'm currently hooked on Eat, Pray, Love , written by Elizabeth Gilbert.Haven't done reading but guess it's not too bad. And for those of you who haven't already know, I'm so into into into like million trillion times into WESTLIFE..The obsession is getting a little out of hand and I might need help with that soon.But for now, I'm so so crazy over them and honestly I don't remember being so into a singer/actor.The last one being Hilary Duff and the obsession leading to me adopting Hilary as my alternative name..Something new, huh!!!But the craze it's back.Westlife is just different. Somehow when they sing, I feel them.It's not just the melody, its the lyrics , the content and how they just intepret it. And their live performances are just mind blowing..Way way better than the studio recording. It's just a recent hype .I guess I'll get over it soon..Yeah, I will.. And I'm still into royals.

On a more happy note, school's out.This means that bliss, joy and pure freedom for two whole weeks...Woot!! And just so you know, I flunked my exam..Screwed..Total wastage!!! In the meantime, before the results come out..LET'S ENJOY!!!

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