Monday, February 09, 2009

Light and Easy

I had spend almost a decade of my life in Sri Lethia.I left the school with memories to cherish and ponder once in a while.It still brought tears to my eyes every time I thought about it.It was rather difficult saying goodbye and at the same time withdrawing your loyalty and spirit for the school to another school you'd never envision you'll fit in.Five years come and go in a blink of eyes and I vow I'd never regret for my decision five years back.

I had embark on a journey towards a new chapter of my life.A chapter that I'd no intention of neither closing nor concluding it without any exciting things happening.I'm starting to learn how to take some things more lightly or in a more easy manner.I had try not to do excessive exaggeration or posses frequent panic attacks.I'd learn not to be so cynical and be more modest in life.All these years,I'd also learn that possessions are not all that matters.

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