Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A quiet one

So yeah!!I guess right now there must be a lot of people partying out there and having the time of their life.New Year this year is going to be a quiet one in fact every year its very dreary and slow moving.My whole family does not make a big deal out of all this celebration.Worst part is my dad has gone back to Penang for some business matters.

Though the dreariness of this whole thing doesn't bother me a bit,I am still quite disturb.I don't know.Something is bothering me and I don't know what.Maybe I'm scared after all.I just can't see the logic behind all my tangle thoughts.

2008 HAS been a great year.In a matter of time I'll be writing 2008 HAD been a great year.Maybe I'm just scared to leave all those memories behind.I'd been losing a lot.Don't get me wrong:-not in love or relationships.I'm a person with very stern principals in which I do not get myself involve into any serious relationships until I finish high school.

I will never in a thousand years expected that 2008 will turn out well.From being placed in a class with completely zero closed acquaintances to losing the MSSD tennis, 2008 indeed turns out to be a miracle.The best gift that God had given me is blessing me with three beautiful friends.You wouldn't know how much they meant to me.Tell me how many friends out there will tolerate a friend who kept on rambling about her insomnia or depression.Ivy and Yenn listened to me every morning.How many friend will get all anxious and nervous when you're late for exam??Rhenu did.

For me to express all this to them in proper sentences right in front of them is definitely impossible.I'm not very dramatic.But right here I can tell you honestly from the bottom of my heart that you guys have been the greatest gift that God had given to me.There were times I still doubt your presence in my life but I'd gotten over it.To string all this in a sentence I reckon I'll fumble maybe a mixture of trembling lips and slobber all over my mouth.Gross right it sounds.So don't make me confess in front of you guys.Ivy,Rhenu and Yenn I knew no matter what happen in future we're still be 'THE WORLD'S GREATEST FOURSOME' because I still want to chortle loudly.As in LAUGH OUT VERY LOUDLY.


p/s:I might be considering to shut down my blog depending on the feed backs I get because I feel my real journey is just taking off.

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